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Advisory lesson prompts discussion on race

Advisory lesson prompts discussion on race

Sasha Saias and Rosa Stern Pait

November 10, 2015

  A schoolwide advisory lesson on Tuesday Nov. 10 prompted students to address racial tensions at the high school and offer their opinions. In the past month there have been some racially charged incidents, all of which contributed to a growing sense of inadequate racial awareness for some,...

Holman responds to Back To School Night Altercation

Haley Bayne, News Writing Editor

November 10, 2015

According to Headmaster Deborah Holman, on Back to School Night, Thursday, Oct. 15, there was an altercation on Greenough Street between a passenger in car and students of color at the high school. Holman said that a faculty member at the high school approached her and filled her in on the situation...

School Expansion Issue: Holman answers Frequently Asked Questions

October 28, 2015

                  By Jacob Spiegel   How will crowding at lunch be reduced?   Holman plans on adjusting the schedule next year to reduce crowding at lunches. “We have calculated that, and we decided that, we didn’t need to go to three lunches this yea...

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