The Sagamore

Talia Roland-Kalb

February 2, 2016

According to senior Talia Roland-Kalb, an email conversation was started between teachers regarding an outfit that she had worn a few days prior to her finding out. She found out about this situation from a teacher that was not direct...

Maya Jakubowski

February 2, 2016

Senior Maya Jakubowski was dress-coded by her drama teacher during her sophomore year. According to Jakubowski, when she was headed to the stage to perform an act in front of her class, her teacher told her to "pull her skirt down."...

Lea Churchill

February 2, 2016

According to senior Lea Churchill, she was walking down the hall when she was dress-coded by a teacher whom she did not know personally. Churchill said that the teacher asked her to "cover up." Churchill answered questions below on...

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