The Sagamore

2016-2017 Staff

Haley Bayne, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Louie Goldsmith, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Leon Yang, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Jake Brodsky, Feature News Managing Editor
Sara Hogenboom, Longform News Managing Editor
Valentina Rojas, Breaking News Managing Editor
Cleo Falvey, Arts Managing Editor
Chris Bell, Opinions Managing Editor
Sofia Georgaklis, Sports Managing Editor
Erez Ben-Akiva, Website Manager
Maya Morris, Photo Manager
Ani Mathison, News Multimedia Editor and Photo Managing Editor
Jacob Spiegel, Business Manager
Izzy Gonzalez, Arts Multimedia Managing Editor and Layout Managing Editor
Rachel Myers, Regulars Multimedia Managing Editor
Ben Mandl, Opinions Multimedia Managing Editor
Bertina Xue, Layout Manager
Sascha Wolf-Sorokin, News Multimedia Managing Editor
Chloe McKim Jepsen, Longform Writing Managing Editor
Ella Kitterman, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Mia Abulaf, Longform Multimedia Managing Editor
Susanna Kemp, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Evan Marohn, Breaking News Writing Editor
Jason Altshuler, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Marco Georgaklis, Business Manager
Sarah Groustra, News Writing Managing Editor
Iman Khan, Arts Writing Managing Editor
Paul Miller-Schmidt, Opinions Writing Editor
Jillian Goldstein, Opinions Writing Managing Editor
Lauren Mahoney, Sports Multimedia Managing Editor
Madeline Nagler, Sports Writing Managing Editor
Ethan Gainsboro, Regulars Writing Managing Editor
Daisy Elliot, Opinions Writing Editor
Tree Demb, Multimedia Editor
Sofia Reynoso, News Managing Editor
Sophie Hafner, Staff Writer
Zoe Videlefsky, Staff Writer
Conor Ross, Staff Writer
Jordan Watts, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Maddie Kostant-Greeley, Staff Writer
Sabrina Zhou, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Sonia Bhattacharyya, News Writing Editor
Rachel Vin, Opinions Writing Editor
Yuen Ting Chow, Staff Writer
Sarah Hughes, Opinions Multimedia Editor
Elene Chamberlin, Regulars Writing Editor
Naomi Jaynes, Staff Writer
Chloe Barber, Arts Writing Editor
Colby Sutton, News Writing Editor
Josh Gladstone, Opinions Managing Editor
Maisie Kramer, Staff Writer
Emma Kahn, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Josh Fleishman, Sports Writing Editor
Vera Targoff, Staff Writer
Nick Eddinger, Photography Managing Editor
Becky Perelman, Sports Managing Editor
Jackie Perelman, Arts Managing Editor
Natalie Jew, Longform Managing Editor
Gabe Lee, Sports Multimedia Editor
Jamie Martinez, Multimedia Managing Editor
Jan Bloch, Regulars Multimedia Editor
Marcella Anderson, Adviser
Lindsay Wise, Adviser
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