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Our Policies

Our policies as a newspaper are currently in the process of being revised. We appreciate your patience as we finalize our policy, in time for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

We as a staff have adopted the following policies to express the rights, responsibilities and philosophies of this newspaper for the 2017-2018 year.


Letters to the editor, guest columns and all material submitted for publication must include the writer’s name and grade/position.

Opinions expressed in the publication, unless otherwise noted, are not necessarily those of the staff, faculty or school administrators. Individual articles represent the opinions of their respective writers and not of the newspaper as a whole.

We encourage letters to the editor as a means of reader participation. They are subject to editing for clarity and length.

We will not alter the meaning of any submissions, but we reserve the right to edit for clarity and length, as well as to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation when necessary.


We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement the staff has deemed inappropriate to the Brookline High community.


When corrections have been made to a story, it will be noted in the corrections box on the editorial page in the next print issue. Corrections to articles online will appear at the end of the article. We welcome corrections via email at [email protected] or in person in room 385.


All articles, graphics, photos, art, columns, reviews and other creative material, with exception of staff editorials, mug shots and cut-outs, will be bylined with the producer’s name. When more than one person has contributed creatively to a piece of work, everyone who contributed to the work will be bylined as a producer.


The Sagamore will not print anything in the newspaper that is deemed libelous, obscene or in poor taste, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s justified standards.

As a responsible newspaper, The Sagamore will not intentionally invade the privacy of any person, and will make every effort to correctly spell names and make accurate class and position representations. Accurate reporting of fact is the goal of the staff.


Although we welcome debate and heated discussion, please keep it respectful. The Sagamore does not tolerate personal attacks or hate speech on our website or social media platforms. Any comments that do not comply with this policy will be taken down promptly. Any time a comment has been taken down, it will be noted in the comment thread.

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Our Policies