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Player Profile: Drew Friedler, boys volleyball

April 30, 2014

Sag: What is your favorite aspect of volleyball? Friedler: I really like the whole team dynamic of the sport. It involves a lot of working together, and you have to be a cohesive to really be successful. It’s not really an individual talent, as much as it is people working together. Sag: What...

Player Profile: Sarah Silvestri, varsity sailing

March 27, 2014

Sag: Do you plan to sail later on in your life? Silvestri: I’d like to. My dad’s sailing played a really big role in his life as a young adult. He traveled around the world and lived in Australia and Hawaii and trained there for years and won the biggest race in the world. It plays a huge role i...

Player Profile: Jack Miller, varsity rugby

March 26, 2014

Sag: Do you hope to continue to play rugby after high school? Miller: Yes, I want to take it as far as I can. It’s a huge part of my life. It probably will never not be something that I do because you can play it for as long as you want. And it’s a big part of my family also. Sag: What role does ru...

Player Profile: Jack Moyer, boys varsity basketball

February 14, 2014

Sag: What values have you drawn from playing basketball? Moyer: It has played a huge role in my life. I started playing basketball in kindergarten, playing rec basketball in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and I have been playing ever since. I've drawn many values from it, including teamwork, hard work and de...

Player Profile: Elena Brown, girls varsity indoor track

February 14, 2014

Sag: Why do you choose to run? Brown: It’s a good way to release stress because you just get everything out of you, and you just try to go as fast as you can. It taught me how to deal with stress and how to stay determined and reach for goals and achieve them. You meet a lot of new people, and you ...

Player Profile: Henry Finkle, varsity wrestling

January 22, 2014

Sag: What about wrestling first really caught your interest? Finkle: It’s kind of an individual sport, but you’re still wrestling for a team. You want your team to do well, but you don’t have to rely on others, it’s all on you, and you don’t need that much equipment; it’s just you and the other...

Player Profile: Sara Maiella, gymnastics

December 19, 2013

Sag: How has your role on the team changed now that you are one of the older members? Maiella: Going in, I was definitely scared and reserved because I didn’t know anybody who was on the team. It was a big change for me going from club to the high school team. Now, my role as one of the older girl...

Player Profile: Ben Pollak, swimming

December 19, 2013

Sag: What have you learned from your sport that you can use in everyday life? Pollack: Swimming is a sport where you really have to work hard to get better and see your hard work pay off when you race. You can definitely take the same kind of lessons into everyday life. You work hard, and you see y...

Player Profile: Carrie Tucker, cheerleading

December 4, 2013

Sag: Do you think that you guys do a good job influencing the team’s energy when you’re cheering on the sidelines? Tucker: I’d like to think that we do. I’ve talked to some of the football players and they say they like our cheers, and the crowd gets involved in it, so that’s good. Sag: W...

Player Profile: Jason Fehrnstrom, boys cross country

Player Profile: Jason Fehrnstrom, boys cross country

Sofia Tong, Staff Writer

November 23, 2013

Sag: Do you think you have changed since you started cross country? Fehrnstrom: Before I didn’t really think running was a sport, but now I respect it a lot, and it’s not an instant love, but when you put in a lot of hard work, and you see how far you’ve come, you start to really like it. Sag: Wh...

Marie Fleming: Queen of Courts

Marie Fleming: Queen of Courts

May 30, 2012

An individual competitor and a team player. Intense yet unassuming. Swaggering yet humble. These are the words that describe senior Marie Fleming, a three-sport varsity athlete. Throughout all of her athletic successes, Fleming has stayed true to her values and picked up some new ones along the way. Fleming,...

Player Profile: Mariano Suriel

Player Profile: Mariano Suriel

April 5, 2012

Q What do you personally contribute to the team? A This year, I’m going to try to get my batting average up and try to get hits. I’m a low-key guy, not the kind of guy to pump up the team, but if we’re losing a game, I know that by getting a hit and moving forward, people will get motivated. Q ...

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