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Senior Tyra Pierre recites an original poem during the Tell Your Stories block.

Day of Courage

Valentina Rojas, Breaking News Managing Editor December 17, 2016

  The third annual "Asking for Courage" day took place on Dec. 15 at the high school. The "Middle Eastern" and "Say Their Names" blocks were new additions to the Day, joining into the mix of...

Serve my country to the last stitch: Honoring alumni lost in World War 1

“Serve my country to the last stitch”: Honoring alumni lost in World War 1

Louie Goldsmith, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 5, 2016

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of American involvement in World War I. Though “The Great War” has been romanticized as a conflict in which American involvement quickly pushed a years-long...

A Sagamore reporter shooting in the range at Mass Firearms. Anyone may shoot with an instructor, regardless of age, without a license.

Looking Down the Sights: An Investigation into Firearms in Brookline

Rosa Stern Pait June 17, 2016

There was a spent bullet casing on the floor in the bathroom. Gunfire could be heard from everywhere in the building. The air smelled faintly of gunpowder. This was the Mass Firearms School in Holliston,...

The photos of the English (right) and social studies (left) department teachers are displayed outside the department offices.

Diversity Hiring Committees face complications

Susanna Kemp, Staff Writer June 14, 2016

The English and social studies departments have had difficulty hiring their preferred candidates of color this spring due to two roadblocks: salaries that do not honor out of state teaching experience...

BEU members hold balloons and banners during the Rotary Clubs Annual Pancake Breakfast. Leon Yang / Sagamore Staff

BEU members rally outside Rotary Club’s annual Pancake Breakfast

Izzy Meyers and Leon Yang April 2, 2016
Members of the Brookline Educators Union held a demonstration outside the annual Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Brookline Rotary Club on April 2. Union members distributed blue balloons with the phrase “We Trust Our Brookline Teachers.”
Finding out about a pregnancy can be a stressful experience, so here are three tips for a pregnant teen. According to school nurse April Armstrong and many other professionals, one of the most important aspects in making a decision on teen pregnancy is having the ability to talk through your options with a confidant. This confidant can be whoever you feel most comfortable with, and he or she should be someone you trust the most.

PART 3: Your questions about teen reproductive health answered

Haley Bayne, News Editor March 30, 2016

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), in 2013, there were fewer than five teen mothers in the town of Brookline. Although five may not seem like that large a number, can you...

Senior Brittany Shelton is pictured with her mother (left), and Sal Partan is pictured with his mother (right). Both Brittany and Sals mothers had them when they were teenagers, at the ages of 16 and 18, respectively.

PART 2: Children of teen parents voice their opinions on teen pregnancy

Haley Bayne, News Editor March 30, 2016

How would you feel growing up alongside of a parent who is also coming of age? Some students at the high school are the children of teen parents. According to many, having teen parents makes their lives...

A banner of the BEU hangs in the Roberts-Dubbs Auditorium. Leon Yang / Sagamore Staff

BEU holds meeting in response to School Committee rejection

Leon Yang, Sports Writing Editor March 28, 2016
Over 200 Brookline school faculty gathered in the Roberts-Dubbs Auditorium on Monday, March 28 to discuss the Brookline Educators Union’s next steps in response to the School Committee’s rejection of a BEU proposal.

Seana Collins ’05

March 19, 2016

Seana Collins, who was in the high school class of ‘05 but graduated early, had her daughter when she was 17 years old. Collins said that she tried to hide her pregnancy for as long as she could. When...

Karla Renderos, class of 2013

March 19, 2016

Karla Renderos was in the class of 2013 before she decided to leave the high school due to the stressfulness of her experience in the Opportunity For Change program. After her decision to leave...

Sanna Beygelmakher, class of 2013

March 19, 2016

  Sanna Beygelmakher was a junior in the class of 2013 when she first found out that she was pregnant with her son, Lucas. According to Beygelmakher, those around her had varying reactions...

Elizabeth Carey ’04

March 19, 2016

  Elizabeth Carey ‘04 had her son when she was 17 years old, but the reality of being pregnant was something that was not foreign to her. Carey, who was in a relationship with her son’s...

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