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Area residents waiting in line at the St. Paul Street Church location of the Brookline Food Pantry. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food pantry has seen more visitors as the problem of food insecurity grows. According to Barbara Trevisan of Pine Street Inn, food insecurity and homelessness are often linked to one another.

Homeless support networks combat challenges of COVID-19

Luca Kelley Nielsen, News Editor February 18, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, homeless shelters and food banks in the Greater Boston area have struggled to combat the growing number of homeless clients while maintaining the Centers for Disease Control...

Climate organizers face winding path

Climate organizers face winding path

Graham Krewinghaus, Longform Managing Editor December 17, 2020

Brookline made history last November when Town Meeting passed Warrant Article 21 (WA21), only the nation’s second prohibition of gas heating systems in new construction and the first to also apply the...

The racial makeup of standard and honors classes by subject. See the full data set here.

The persistent disparity in course leveling

Rowan Roudebush, Longform Editor December 4, 2020

At 8:20 am, students log into Zoom or enter the classroom for their first class of the day. Should that class be an honors course, there is a significant chance that they will be greeted by a room...

Uprooting rape culture

Uprooting rape culture

Graham Krewinghaus, Longform Managing Editor November 16, 2020

In May, the Trump administration announced changes to Title IX, the federal protection against gender discrimination in schools, that would have long-lasting impacts across the country. The changes formally...

NETA, located at 160 Washington Street, was the first marijuana dispensary to open in Brookline. The vendor will be subject to the REAF upon its implementation.

Behind the Racial Equity Advancement Fund

Jeremiah Levy, News Managing Editor October 25, 2020

As the year winds into its final months, topics such as COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter continue to permeate both our minds and the news cycle. Quietly passing us by, however, are stories that, while not...

Schools implement extra layer of safety with improved ventilation

Schools implement extra layer of safety with improved ventilation

Zoe Tseng, Sports Managing Editor October 23, 2020

At the start of the pandemic, no one thought we would be out of school for more than a few weeks, let alone seven months. Some were even optimistic during the middle of the summer when plans to return...

Responding to George Floyd together

Responding to George Floyd together

Graham Krewinghaus, Longform Managing Editor June 18, 2020

On May 25, George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, and the city responded immediately and furiously with protests. Although the magnitude of the protests was at its peak in Minneapolis, it was...

Brookline Thrives and the Food Justice Club fight food insecurity

Brookline Thrives and the Food Justice Club fight food insecurity

Zoe Tseng, Sports Editor May 23, 2020

According to The Brookline Community Foundation, the number of households earning under 20,000 dollars is growing, and the issue of food insecurity is becoming increasingly prevalent. The Food Justice...

Over the course of the contract negotiations, many teachers have felt that the nuances of their jobs are going largely ignored and unaccounted for.

Contract struggles stem from ongoing centralization issues

Emily Trelstad, Opinions Editor April 12, 2020

As of April 10, Brookline Public School teachers have worked 135 school days without a contract with the School Committee. The COVID-19 global pandemic and school closure led to a temporary contract, but...

Re-Leaf For NETA

Re-Leaf For NETA

Jeremiah Levy, News Editor February 5, 2020

Proponents of Warrant Article 21, from town government as well as the high school.

Warrant Article 21’s sweeping legacy

Graham Krewinghaus, News Editor December 15, 2019

On Nov. 20, Warrant Article 21 (WA21), which mandated the use of electric heating systems instead of systems powered by natural (or fracked) gas in new construction and renovations, passed Town Meeting...

After several accusations emerged against singer R. Kelly regarding multiple accounts of sexual 
misconduct, including child pornography and underage sex, protests broke out across the nation.

Music listeners grapple with accusations against singers

Natalie Jew, Longform Managing Editor May 20, 2019

R. Kelly, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown were hugely popular musicians, who have now had their reputations defiled following accusations of sexual violence. Their songs have redefined R&B, hip...

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