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We serve the interests of nearly 2,000 students and staff, as well as hundreds of subscribers from around the nation.

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As an independent, school-affiliated publication, we are funded solely by advertisements, fundraisers and subscriptions. You are the reason we keep printing!

Our Advertising Rates

2015-2016 Print Advertising Rates

Per Column Inch————————-$25.00

Business Card—————————-$50.00

Quarter Page——-5’’ x 8’’————–$100.00

Half Page—-5’’ x 16’’ or 10’’ x 8’’—-$160.00

Full Page——–10’’ x 16’’————–$225.00

Advertising in Color———additional $150.00

Online Advertising Rates

Homepage Banner: $120.00

Homepage Sidebar: $100.00

Article Sidebar: $80.00


When you purchase a full-year’s worth of advertisements: 15% off total ad purchase

When you advertise for four months or more: 10% off

Our online publication runs from September to June. Our print publication runs from October to May. 

Pre-payment requested. Check or cash only. Please address checks to The Sagamore and mail payment to Brookline High School attn: The Sagamore at 115 Greenough St. Brookline, MA 02445.

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