Student charged after multiple in-school thefts (Infographic)

After several thefts throughout first semester, a student at the high school has been charged with larceny, according to Lt. Philip Harrington of the Brookline Police Department.

Interim Dean of Students Scott Butchart confirmed that money had been stolen from the cash register of Restaurant 108 multiple times since the beginning of the school year.

A student in a Restaurant and Culinary Careers class said that her wallet had been stolen as well.

A teacher’s wallet had been stolen twice in December. Each time, over $200 was taken. She also lost everything else she had kept in her wallet, including her credit card and driver’s license, according to the teacher.

The teacher also said that another student in one of her classes had a wallet and an important medical device stolen. She said that this series of thefts affected at least one other teacher, who wished to remain anonymous as well.

These thefts were determined to have been committed by the same student, the teacher said.

The student was charged with nine counts of larceny under $250 and one count of larceny over $250 on Dec. 19 and summoned to court at a later date, according to Lt. Harrington.

The teacher said the student was also suspended from school.

Butchart said that, to his knowledge, a motive for these thefts has yet to be made clear.

The name of the student was not released.

Jeremy Margolis and Juliana Kaplan contributed reporting.

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 Info-graphic created and designed by Eoin Walsh.