A risk pays off in originally undesired electives

Art Studio offers students opportunities to experiment with different types and mediums of art through a variety of projects. (Photo by Kerry Grove)

What do you do when you are put in an elective you did not sign up for and were never interested in?

When sophomore Jenna Brewer had to drop Digital Photography I last year, she had to take Art Studio I, since it was the only open elective.

Although she was uninterested at first, she found herself relaxing and having fun in Art Studio.

“I liked that we did a lot of different kinds of art,” said Brewer, “especially when we took a photo of a certain part of the school and then drew it, which I think was a lot of fun to do.”

Based on her experience in Art Studio last year, she recommends the class to those who want to take an elective at the high school but are not sure of which one to take. Brewer also thinks that the class will help students find their interest in art.

“You cover a lot of different kinds of art that the high school offers,” said Brewer, adding that the class “can help you make a decision on what art classes would be appropriate for you.”

Brewer is not the only one who uncovered her new interest and talent accidentally.

Last year, junior Iona Feldman signed up for Creative Music to fill up his free block. He had no other choices.

Although Feldman was not excited to take the class, he saw it as an opportunity to pursue his interest in music. Since first grade, Feldman has played musical instruments, but had to quit in ninth grade.

“I was interested in the idea of incorporating some of that into creative compositions that I could make on the computer in that class,” said Feldman.

Feldman hopes that others will take this class, discover their hidden interests and find the class enjoyable.

“To those who are really into composing music, this provides some good opportunities for that on computers,” Feldman said. “But even if one is not especially into music, you get to learn a bit of music theory in a very non-stressful way, and it also gives you an opportunity to play around a bit and see what song you can make.”

Junior Ariana Weinstock signed up for Photography I and A Cappella Choir, but was placed in Drama I instead of Photography.

Weinstock said that she does not regret her decision to stay in Drama, as the class helped her move out of her comfort zone and try something that she normally would not do.

“The class was relaxed, and I was able to have fun,” said Weinstock. “[Drama is] something I don’t often do outside of school, so it gave me a chance to try it. We had a lot of freedom and space for artistic preference.”

Weinstock and Feldman agree that people generally tend not to challenge themselves and instead shy away from new things, experiences and environments.

“People get insecure in subjects they have little experience with,” said Weinstock. “They know they like certain things they’ve tried before, so why take something they might not like?”

Going into a different atmosphere can be scary and uninviting for many people. As a student who has been in that situation, Weinstock sends her encouragement to those who are worried about challenges and a new environment.

“I suggest trying out new, unfamiliar subjects when choosing electives, because you never know what you’ll like before you try it,” said Weinstock. “Now is the best time to experiment, when you don’t have to commit and will only be studying that subject for half a year to a year, even if it turns out it’s not your favorite thing to do. Try new things because you can, without pressure, and it might turn out to be something you love.”

Andrea Kim can be contacted at [email protected]