Competition heats up prior to Powderpuff

Coach Chris Vick instructs seniors Giovana Vivaldi and Chandel Sheyfer in preparation for the big game on Nov. 28th. Photo by Sophie Rubin.

For many years, Powder Puff has followed a pretty predictable trend: the senior girls, in one of their last hurrahs here at the school, triumph over the junior girls. However, for the past two years, the juniors have come out on top.

With the class of 2014 pulling off a stunning upset last year, this could be the year that Powderpuff reverts back to its traditional outcome.

Tradition has already played a prominent role in the lead-up to this year’s game. With Powderpuff being such a prominent event instead of just a game, some view it as a rite of passage.

“To me, it has always been a really big deal,” junior Sophie Poole said. “Because of my sister playing, it’s even more of a tradition. It’s not just a school tradition, but a family tradition as well.”

Not only is it a tradition for the older athletes who participate in the game, it is also a tradition for the coach of the seniors, Christopher Vick. However, instead of a tradition of simple participation, Vick is hoping to create a tradition of victory.

“Last year was the first time I had even been to a game,” Vick said. “I’m usually flying or driving to Baltimore during the game. Their first game was my first game too. It turned out to be a win, and I’m hoping to turn winning into a tradition.”

While Vick has already had the experience of coaching and winning Powderpuff, this year’s coaches for the junior team are brand new to the scene. With history teachers Stephanie Hunt and Robert Grant, as well as librarian Ann Collins deciding to step in, their main goal is to promote an atmosphere of fun and participation.

“We really just appreciate being on the field with this year’s seniors,” Hunt said. “We are hoping for a really good game, and most of all, we are hoping that our girls have fun. We’re so happy even to be here.”

In comparison, the class of 2014 is ready, willing, and able to come out victorious once again.

“I expect to win this year, because if we don’t, that would be embarrassing,” senior Gigi Gray said. “I expect the same thing as last year; just one step up because we already know what we’re doing, and we just need to perfect it now.”

Last year’s captain of the class of 2014, senior Talia Bea said, “Our first goal is to win, our second goal is to have fun.”

While the class of 2014 may have more experience and a real taste of what it is like to come out on top, this year’s juniors believe they have a real possibility of winning.

“They have a lot of faith in their abilities because they won last year, so they think that it will be easy to beat us this year,” Poole said. “I think it’s easier to be the juniors in the situation of Powder Puff because if you are a senior, you’re expected to win.”

While winning is the top priority for some, different coaches and players have varying expectations for the game.

“We’re going in with modest expectations,” Grant said. “We expect to enjoy the day and hopefully none of our girls will get hurt.”

The two teams are going into this rivalry with nearly polar-opposite mindsets. The juniors are looking forward to participating in the event, and the seniors are reveling in their opportunity to win one last time.

“The team with the most points will win and that will be us,” Vick said. “We’re going to beat the hell out of the juniors.”

Powderpuff will be held at Parsons field on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 1 p.m.

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