Broadcasting hopefuls uncover creative outlet through Info Time

Broadcasting hopefuls uncover creative outlet through Info Time

“Good morning BHS!” As you walk into your B-block class, a voice from the speaker greets you. While you sit in your seat and prepare for class, you listen to the voice reading the announcements. But have you ever wondered who the voice is?

One of the owners of these mysterious voices is senior Tulip Hosenn.

Hosenn moved to the United States from Bangladesh two and a half years ago. A former senior who used to do the morning announcements motivated her to join the morning announcement staff.

As a student interested in pursuing broadcast journalism, Hosenn said doing the morning announcements is a perfect way for her to do what she loves.

She said that doing the morning announcements has become something she always looks forward to.

“I feel amazing because it’s like saying good morning to the warriors,” Hosenn said.

Other than the morning announcements, Hosenn has done various work to pursue her interest in broadcast journalism. She has taken TV Production 101 at the high school and has interned at Brookline Access Television.

Hosenn said her confidence and love of presenting herself in front of a crowd were part of her personality when she lived in Bangladesh.

“We have many occasions like weddings every month, so I was really involved in them,” Hosenn said. “I was the spokesperson for those events. I knew everyone; there is literally no one I didn’t know. It’s a small town. I used to be kind of popular back there.”

According to Hosenn, her family’s history of moving to many different countries contributes to her confident personality.

“I move a lot,” Hosenn said. “So I’m used to the cultural differences and learned to adjust to different environments.”

Hosenn said doing the morning announcements played a big role in helping her adapt to the high school.

”People were so nice to me when I first got here,” Hosenn said. “My friend would be like, ‘I feel like a tree. No one says hi to me, and no one knows me. You’ve been here for three months and everyone’s talking to you.”

Freshman Josh Grossman, another morning announcer, is also a newcomer to the high school.

Like Hosenn, Grossman said the morning announcements are something that he always looks forward to.

Grossman first got interested in morning announcements through the summer musical, Grease. He played a radio announcer and decided to pursue his interest in broadcast journalism through the school’s morning announcements.

Grossman said that he thinks that more people should be encouraged to express themselves in front of a crowd.

“Anyone has the ability to do it. It’s a matter of just getting up there,” Grossman said. “Sometimes people need the additional push, but everyone has a potential.”

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