Golf’s seniors lead the drive

Photo courtesy of Jacob Dana

Coming off a strong sixth-place finish at the state tournament last year, the boys golf team enjoyed an eighth-place finish this year due in large part to the leadership of three players: seniors James Wronoski, Jacob Dana and Jack Corcoran, according to head coach Bill Camelio.

Although Corcoran is the team captain, Camelio also consults Dana and Wronoski. According to Camelio, these three golfers all have different styles of leadership.

“Jack is a very outgoing person. If he sees something he doesn’t like, or somebody’s not performing up to expectations, he speaks up to them,” Camelio said. “Jacob will put his arm around him and say, ‘Hey listen, this isn’t what we do on this team. This is how we perform, this is how we practice, this is how we do things.’ James does it completely different from all of them. He does it by example. He just goes out there and tells you what he’s going to do on a given day. ‘I’m going to go out, I’m going to play at it, we’re going to win today, guys.’ I mean, he’s not an outgoing guy but he does it with his actions.”

In addition to being the top three players on the team in an ever-changing order, Camelio said that Corcoran, Dana and Wronoski also help the team in other ways.

“I’ve never seen kids interact, kid, tease and joke each other and have fun with each other as much as these kids do,” Camelio said, regarding the team. “There can’t be better chemistry than we have, and I say that from the bottom of my heart with full honesty. It’s a direct result of these three kids.”

Wronoski complimented the relationships between the golfers.

“All the kids on the team really get along, although there’s a wide spectrum of kids,” he said.

Despite the presence of Corcoran, Dana and Wronoski, Camelio had hoped for a stronger performance overall from the team. According to Camelio, the team has been winning, but the wins have been harder to obtain than he expected. Also, the team lost to other teams that it hoped to beat.

Wronoski, however, is optimistic about how his team will perform in the postseason.

“Things didn’t work out exactly how we wanted them to, but now, later in the season, it seems like it’s coming together and we’re sort of stepping up,” he said.

Camelio expressed a similar opinion.

“It’s been kind of a letdown this season because I think my expectations probably weren’t realistic,” he said. “In other words, there’s a big conflict between expectations and reality.”

The team still has the potential to do well, according to Camelio.

“The talent is there, the absolute, positive talent is there,” he said. “On a given day, they’re as good as anybody in the state, but you have to go out and do it; you can’t talk about it.”

Although Corcoran, Dana and Wronoski are the undisputed leaders of the team, Camelio thinks the team will continue to do well once these players have graduated.

“We’ll just reload,” he said.

Wronoski agreed that the team can perform well after he, Corcoran and Dana graduate.

“I do think that the team will probably suffer,” Wronoski said. “But I think that if they put in the effort, they will succeed.”

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