Jonah Morgenstern-Gaines

Junior Jonah Morgenstern-Gaines is a two-sport athlete who plays offensive tackle for the football team in the fall and center for the basketball team in the winter.  He started playing football his freshman year, but he’s been playing basketball since he was six years old.

Photo courtesy of Jonah Morgenstern-Gaines

Sag: Did you do any training for basketball over the summer?

JMG: Yeah, I played in the summer league that Brookline hosts… It was mostly varsity team players and upcoming players… We had two games every Saturday so we would play in a round robin. Each team would play each other each week.


Sag: Does playing football help you stay in good shape for basketball?

JMG: They’re sort of different “being in shapes…” Both of them are different so it’s hard to put them on the same scale.


Sag: What’s the best part of playing basketball?

JMG: The best part of playing basketball for me is the strong feeling of team and getting a win together as a team. I think it’s just a remarkable feeling.


Sag: What’s your motivation while playing?

JMG: My motivation is my feeling of pride for being able to play for the Brookline team and represent the town that I have lived in my entire life.


Sag: What’s been your proudest moment of your BHS basketball career?

JMG: I think my proudest moment was probably making the freshman team. I wasn’t really sure if I was even going to play basketball in high school, but by making the team, it helped to make my choice significantly.


Sag: What are you looking forward to this season?

JMG: It’s to contend for the championship, definitely. I think we’re going to make the playoffs, but I don’t want to count on it.


Sag: What lessons have you learned while playing basketball at BHS?

JMG: I’ve learned a lot about patience and discipline from my coaches, and a lot about team and hard work just from being part of such a great program here in Brookline.


Sag: Are there any good stories from your time on the team?

JMG: There are some, but they may not be appropriate for print.


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