More of a Brown than a red

Artwork by Andrea Kim

I never realized how little I knew about politics until I was approaching my 18th birthday and was about to be able to vote. I had always classified myself as a “conservative” because of my parent’s political stance, but I never really knew what that meant. It was then that I decided I wasn’t going to cast a ballot until I was knowledgeable enough to make an informed decision on a candidate.

As of right now, there are numerous exciting political races, one of them being the senatorial race between Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren and Republican candidate Scott Brown, who is running for a second term as Massachusetts senator.

My vote is going to Brown for several reasons. One of the reasons is his view on the Massachusetts’s budget and expenditures. Right now, America’s economy is not at its peak due to the current recession; therefore, I think it is necessary to cut certain things out of our budget. Brown suggests that we cut breakfast supplements for students in public schools. In my opinion, it is unnecessary to supplement breakfast at school because students can eat before they leave for school. I know that many people would argue that there is no difference between monetary supplements for lunch and breakfast, but during school students are unable to go back to their homes and get lunch food. Cutting out unnecessary expenditures leaves room for lowering tax rates. Brown also advocates for the private enterprise to aid the state with getting out of the recession. Allowing private enterprises to help with the recovery will not only help business owners but also help the overall economic health of our state.

Another aspect of Brown’s policy that I like is his view on immigration. I think that the United States should have a very strict immigration policy for one reason–jobs should go to Americans. Brown supports tightening the border and endorses the Anti-Amnesty Bill, which keeps illegal immigrants from gaining amnesty in our country.

Lastly, I will discuss the issue of education, which in my opinion is extremely important. I strongly believe that in order to have a successful nation, we need to have a strong public school system. Brown has proposed a plan to set public school curriculums locally instead of nationally. I think that this could be very beneficial because it allows schools to adjust to their students instead of the nation’s students.

As far as a conservative goes, Brown considers himself moderate due to his views on social issues such as abortion and stem cell research. Brown calls himself a “moderate, pro-choice candidate” and says he “always will be.” I do encourage any student who is old enough to vote to register and to become more knowledgeable about the leaders of our nation.

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