Head of School Anthony Meyer expresses support for name change

Head of School Anthony Meyer stands behind the newspapers name change and the staffs rigorous research process.


Head of School Anthony Meyer stands behind the newspaper’s name change and the staff’s rigorous research process.

Dear Readers,

As you now know, BHS newspaper editors, writers, staff and advisors have decided to change the name of our school newspaper. I write to commend the thoughtfulness, courage and sensitivity with which these student leaders have arrived at a historic decision. I also wish to make clear my full support for this decision and process.

First, consider the name change in the life of Brookline High School. BHS is 179 years old. The Sagamore has a nearly 130 year history of serving our community. Those are long arcs in high school years, composed of many four year classes, cohorts and hundreds of thousands of graduates.

Our school newspaper writes, photographs and documents these various histories. Our histories. In my eighteen years as part of BHS, I have marveled at the deep care and intense commitment the paper’s journalists have demonstrated in providing unbiased, relevant news and spurring thought, dialogue and action within our school community and well beyond.

Over the last decade, a series of editors and staff on the paper began questioning their name and tracing their – again, our – history. They then assessed impact by seeking input from the individuals and groups who used this term for specific purposes. I have found – and heard – these young people to be smart, sensitive and methodical in their process. They have aligned their values, and our school values, around empathy and ethics.

Some might view this decision as a “force”: that the term “Sagamore” is less obviously offensive and thus the name change unnecessary. The newspaper’s research and reporting suggests otherwise. This historic issue tells many important stories and includes perspectives of individuals and groups that have been ignored, suppressed and often forgotten.

Like the history here, the list of journalists and staff on the paper who led this process spans years and runs long. To them we owe a debt of gratitude for questioning, researching and eventually changing the name of our school newspaper. In doing so, you have helped us become a better, more affirming and just institution.


Anthony Meyer
Head of School