Academics for Athletes provides support for student athletes



Juniors Henry Ames and Jackson Magee founded Academics for Athletes. The club has more than 30 regular members and helps support student athletes in their academics and extracurriculars.

The portrayal of a student athlete has taken many forms, but rarely does it reflect reality. Juniors Henry Ames and Jackson Magee want to ensure that athletes succeed academically while creating a community where everyone can feel welcome.

Academics for Athletes (AFA) was founded by Henry Ames and Magee. The club was created to support student athletes in both their academic and extracurricular lives through tutoring and forming specific spaces to complete schoolwork.

While the club started with about ten members, AFA has increased its count to around 30 regular members.

Magee said the community is a welcoming place for people to get help with their schoolwork and build connections with new people.

“I’ve connected with athletes from other sports teams and programs that I haven’t connected with before. And that’s all through tutoring. We’re building bonds, especially between the older and younger kids,” Magee said.

The co-founders said a huge part of the club is pushing people to be the best students and athletes they can be. Ames said all members should be striving towards As and Bs.

“This club is all about togetherness and collaborating with others. So one might think that we’re just doing work. You can be a tutor or you can get tutored and new friendships are being made every day,” Ames said.

Sophomore and club member Grady Ames said the way AFA works is completely different than just another study group. The camaraderie between athletes already has the members feeling a sense of community within the club. This sense of community paved a way for the members to support and help their fellow student athletes.

“By giving me a designated space and time to work on my academics, I have less to worry about on the field as an athlete, which allows me to perform much better. Also, being able to work with students who have already learned the material is a much better way for me to learn, so I feel that I gain a much deeper understanding of the material I need help with,” Grady Ames said.

Grady Ames said that with experienced tutors and upperclassmen working to help everyone, AFA has created a space to give people what they need to succeed. He said he encourages others to join the club’s warm environment.

“This club is a lifesaver for any student who struggles to find time outside of school to get work done, so I encourage those students to join AFA,” Grady Ames said. “Outside of that, the sense of community which this club has managed to create in such a small period is a great reason to join regardless of your academic status.”