Letter from the Editors: how to respond to our content

Letter from the Editors: how to respond to our content

Following Jordan Liss-Riordan’s recent edition of “The Fragile Femme” about sports culture, there have been many conversations around the school, with many students speaking openly about their stances on the article. From a written article distributed around the building to discussions in classrooms, “The Fragile Femme” has sparked interesting discourse.

We are excited by this buzz. Our Opinions articles are meant to be discussed and disagreed with. The conversations around Liss-Riordan’s column epitomize a core goal of our newspaper: to get the school thinking about and engaging with important issues impacting the community.

We welcome and encourage students to submit responses to published content. Our policy for contributed pieces requires that the writer puts their name on the piece and participates in an editing process from members of our staff for clarity, length and Associated Press (AP) style.

So, read our newspaper with a critical eye and know that all students have the space and the right to express their voice on our pages.

Anya Rao, Eleanor Bergstein, Anisa Sharma