November Horoscopes

Aries: Now is a good time for you to start a new hobby or revisit an old one. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve always enjoyed but never had time for; now is the perfect time to pursue it in a more serious way. Your ability to work well with others is also flourishing; if you have a group project coming up, it is sure to run seamlessly!

Taurus: The stars are not currently in your favor to pursue a romantic relationship. You are someone who loves romance, but it’s important to take the time to focus on yourself, independent from any relationships. Pursue a relationship because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

Gemini: It’s a good time for you to rejuvenate yourself in some way. That might mean a new routine, hobby or even a haircut! You are a very self-assured person, but you don’t always step out of your comfort zone, as you don’t see any need to. However, changes in routine can help you learn things about yourself that you may not have otherwise discovered.

Cancer: Romance is in the air for you this month. You may have been developing romantic feelings for someone close to you recently; if so, you should try reaching out to that person and telling them how you feel. Chances are, they feel the same way!

Leo: As someone who is very self-assured, compromising might be difficult for you, especially if you already have a clear vision of how things should go. You are a very creative and ambitious person, but that doesn’t mean other people’s ideas aren’t automatically worse than yours. You might find your ideas being countered; remember that working with others can often lead to better results than working by yourself.

Virgo: You are a very practical and by-the-book person, which are admirable qualities in most circumstances. However, you should not judge other people for not sharing your penchant for following the rules. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else, there’s no harm in straying from the beaten path every once in a while!

Libra: You are someone who is generally well-liked by all, and for good reason! You are an ambitious person, but you don’t let those ambitions get in the way of your relationships. It is important to make sure that you are not being superficially kind to people in order to win their support. It’s important to be honest to those around you, even if you fear it may lower their opinion of you.

Scorpio: Scorpio, now is your time to shine! This upcoming month should be a time of great comfort for you. Things will feel like they are falling into place, and you may even receive some sort of award in the near future! Just be careful not to get too hung-up on any praise you receive; just because you’re talented doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a level head.

Sagittarius: Although it may not seem like it, you can be a very competitive person, especially when it comes to something you know you’re good at. While your ambition is admirable, make sure that it does not get the best of you. See that your desire to be the best doesn’t cause you to act rudely to those around you. It is okay for people to be better than you in a certain area; it does not make you any less worthwhile.

Capricorn: You tend to be a quiet person, but you are very attuned to what is going on around you. Since most people view you as trustworthy, they are not afraid to let important information slip around you. You have been filing this information away for future use, and that future may be arriving soon. But, remember that getting what you want is not always worth breaking someone’s trust.

Aquarius: You are someone who is not often fond of taking risks, and yet you may find an opportunity that strays from your usual path soon. Although it may seem scary, trying something new can be a fun and invigorating experience. Just make sure you don’t get too spontaneous; it’s important to keep yourself on track, even while having fun.

Pisces: Although your ambitions may be unique, they are important and achievable. Now is a good time to go after what you want, even if other people may deem it to be silly. You are an open-minded and good-hearted person, and these qualities will help you blossom.