Girls varsity soccer wins 3-1 in first playoff round



As the crowd cheers the girls varsity soccer team runs onto the field celebrating their round of 32 win. The Warriors beat the Tanners 3-1 at Parsons field on Nov. 6, advancing them to the round of 16.

The girls varsity soccer team (GVS) faced the Woburn Tanners in a fierce round of 32 playoff opener on Sunday, Nov. 6 at Parsons Field. The Brookline Warriors won 3-1, advancing them to the round of 16.

The game began with a rocky start for GVS with the Tanners pressing upfield. After a few minutes of high intensity, the Tanners started looking shaky but still chased after every opportunity to win possession. Eventually, the Tanners’ offense intercepted a ball from goalie and senior Talia Thompson and tapped the ball into the net, putting them up 1-0.

The Warriors came back after the goal with focused passes into the midfield, trying to time passes to the energetic offense. This focus paid off with a well-timed chip into the box by sophomore Anna Leschly to senior Eleanor Bergstein who then spiked the ball into the top corner of the net.

Now leveled, GVS held onto the momentum and kept the ball in the Tanners’ half of the field. The Tanners, who looked threatening in the beginning, were now scrambling to prevent the Warriors from getting one up on them before half-time.

GVS remained calm in possession going into the second half. Senior Gianna Pentland remained calm in possession, scouting for potential opportunities to get a shot or assist in.

Pentland sent a through ball to the left half of the box, where senior Maddy Moor was ready to accelerate up to goal. Moor took on the goalie and struck the ball outside of their reach, putting the Warriors in the lead 2-1.

The Warriors kept hunting for goals to ensure their victory. Later into the second half, senior Sari Frankl intercepted a ball from the Tanners’ goalie and skillfully dribbled past three of the Tanners’ defenders. Frankl took the shot after clearing the defense and sent the ball right into the goal.

Senior Cece Wager held together the defensive end for the Warriors, making crucial tackles against the Tanners’ offense.

GVS Coach Ben Peters said he was impressed with the amount of goals scored by the Warriors.

“We scored a lot of goals today. It was maybe the second time we’ve scored three goals in a game, so that went really well for us,” Peters said.

Throughout the game, Moor was able to pressure the Tanners’ midfield and get into positions for both offense and defense. Moor said she has adapted to her new position along the wing well, which helped the Warriors win the game.

“I worked really hard, I was getting up and down the line to the best of my ability,” Moor said. “It’s a new position for me, so I think I did a good job with all the aspects of it.”

Pentland said that moving forward into the playoffs, GVS needs to focus on the simple things to achieve victory.

“What I think we can work on better is getting back to practice and improving the basics,” Pentland said.

Peters said the team needs to focus on keeping a uniform playing style and not being thrown off by the other team.

“We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing all season and just play our game and not try to change what we do based on the other team,” Peters said. “They could scare us or make us nervous about what they’re doing, but we just have to stick to our game plan.”