Girls junior varsity volleyball wins 2-0 against Boston Latin



Sophmore Isabel Oldham serves against Boston Latin School (BLS). The Warriors won both sets against BLS, making their record 7-6.

The girls junior varsity (JV) volleyball team had a clean win against Boston Latin School (BLS) Wolfpacks on Monday, Oct. 24. The team won by two sets to BLS’s zero. This was their second win against BLS this season.

With the win, the JV team’s record changes to 7-6.

The game started off with a six-point lead from BLS that was quickly halted by a serve from sophomore Olivia Zanini and a solid block from sophomore Bonnie Rumreich.

The Warriors were evenly matched in the first half of the set, fighting for every point. When freshman Alexa Vu began serving, the Warriors were able to gain a lead of seven points, bringing the Warriors to 21 points and the BLS Wolfpack to 15.

The serves led to a scoring streak from the Warriors and the eventual win of the first set by 10 points.

JV head coach Caitlin Sobolewski said that the team’s competitive practices translate directly into what is seen on the court.

“We focus a lot on serving and hitting, which are more fast paced, high intensity drills and I think that makes them have more fun on the court,” Sobolewski said. “We’ve been working a lot on serves in practice, and the girls have been stepping up.”

The Warriors came into the second set with strength as sophomore Isabella Wong went on a six-serve streak. Even though the Warriors were putting points between themselves and BLS, every point was still fought over. At the match point for the Warriors, BLS began a comeback with six points in a row. Yet, this was no match for Brookline as the Warriors, once again, won the set by 10 points.

Sobolewski said that this game was some of the strongest volleyball from the team this season.

“We just weren’t letting any balls drop. We were communicating a lot and celebrating. They’re starting to understand the fundamentals and the core value of volleyball, which is working together,” Sobolewski said. “I was really impressed with how they performed and how much they played apart and for each other.”