October Horoscopes

Aries: Now is a fruitful time for you, in terms of communication. If there’s a difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, now is the time to finally have it. Perhaps you’ve been fighting with your sibling(s) recently. If so, try reaching out to them; they will appreciate your spirit.

Taurus: As someone who isn’t too fond of change, now may be a difficult time for you. You may be facing a crossroads; there’s one path that your family wants you to follow, but a different one that you want to follow. It is crucial to be true to yourself in times like these. However, it is also key to make sure you are not giving into your need for comfort. It’s important to try new things sometimes, even if they seem scary.

Gemini: You are someone who has a strong sense of their values. While this trait is important, it is also important to be open to different perspectives – even from people you may not like. Your initial perception of people may not always be the most accurate. It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to new people in your life, for they might end up surprising you.

Cancer: When you were younger, you may have felt sheltered from the outside world. This feeling might have made it more difficult for you to form your own, honest opinions about the people around you. Now is a good time for you to assess some of your larger opinions in life, and to see if they truly align with your values, not those of your family or the people around you.

Leo: Now is a good time for you to pursue new romantic endeavors! With the sun in Libra, you may be going through life with rose colored glasses right now. That is okay! It is important to take time to see the beauty in life, and to focus on the positive. With this positive outlook in mind, this is your moment to start a joint endeavor with someone, especially in terms of school. Remember, your best work sometimes comes when you work with others.

Virgo: You might have stumbled across some troubling information about someone close to you. Perhaps they betrayed your trust on something important, or maybe they simply weren’t who you believed them to be. Either way, it is important for you to work on letting that person go. Remember, things don’t always work out the way you planned, and that is okay!

Libra: Libra, now is, quite literally, your time to shine! With the sun in your sign, you may be feeling more “yourself” than you have in a while. This past year might have been a bit rocky for you in terms of your identity, but you should be getting some clarity soon. Remember, it is okay to make decisions based on your emotions; being true to yourself is more important than following the logic of those around you.

Scorpio: You are a creature of habit. This quality can be helpful in some aspects of life, but it can also cause you to miss out on opportunities. Try talking to someone new this month, especially someone you wouldn’t expect to be friends with. Just because you don’t see someone fitting into your present doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of your future.

Sagittarius: You are someone who is always planning ahead, always looking towards the future. This quality can be very helpful in the long-run, but it can also mean you are not living enough in the present. It is important to balance your need for change with an appreciation for the constants in your life. Try to start a new routine this month, even just a very small one, and see how it feels.

Capricorn: You are someone who appreciates stability in all aspects of your life. While this may be good for things such as schoolwork, it may cause tensions in some of your personal relationships. It is okay if people you were once close with are no longer a part of your life. Change is natural and necessary, even though it may not feel like it at the moment.

Aquarius: Although it may not always be evident to others, you are a very disciplined person. You know what you want and you will make a plan to get it, even if it’s difficult. However, this disciplined nature may cause you to miss out on new experiences. It’s okay not to complete every task on your to-do list sometimes. Make sure the goals you have set for your future aren’t hindering your current potential.

Pisces: Because you have a dreamy outlook on life, some people may not take you seriously, which is a big mistake on their part. You understand who you are and what you want out of life more deeply than most people. You are not afraid to pursue what you want, whether that be a career or a relationship, even if it may seem illogical to others. However, it is important to take a step back sometimes and make sure the decisions you’re making won’t negatively impact you down the road.