Tune in to fall music performances



Different musical performances occur during the fall, such as a performance with both the Camerata and Advanced Chamber Orchestra.

Do you play music? Are you anxious to see a performance? Well, there are numerous performances that happen at the high school, even near the beginning of the school year.

In the fall, a variety of musical performances take place. These include, but are not limited to, a joint performance between the Camerata and Advanced Chamber Orchestra and a performance by the Music Collective. Overall, the high school’s many performances offer students fun, unique experiences and musical encouragement.

Carolyn Castellano, who is the head of the band classes as well as Digital Music Production and Composition, said that besides the annual fixture events, there are Open Mics which anyone can take part in every month. The first one typically happens in the first week of school. Castellano said that she likes the community of the Open Mics, and that people are able to play the music they enjoy there.

“I love the Open Mics because it’s just everyone playing the kind of music that they want to play. I also love the community the Open Mics provide for folks who are just performing for the first time,” Castellano said. “If someone [is] feeling nervous, it’s a very supportive environment to get people to hone their performance skills.”

Michael Driscoll, who serves as head of the Choirs, said that the first choir performance happens in early November.

“What’s most fun and interesting about that concert is putting it together with the orchestra, because we don’t get a chance to do that a lot. We do one concert in late March-early April, which is mostly with the orchestra, but other than that we don’t get a lot of chances to perform together with an orchestra. That’s the highlight of the whole thing,” Driscoll said.

Nina Bishop, who is the head of the Orchestras, said that she likes the size of the Camerata and Advanced Chamber Orchestra performance, as well as its timing in the school year.

“I really like that the Camerata Orchestra program is smaller. It comes up relatively quickly in [the] school year and so that helps us to stay motivated and focused just as we’re getting things going,” Bishop said.

Castellano said that, while the Concert Band’s first performance is in December, the Music Collective has one in November.

“The Improvised Music Festival happens in November, and that’s where we invite a guest artist to come in and workshop with the Music Collective. Then they perform with them in the evening. So, it’s the first performance for Music Collective in the fall,” Castellano said.

Driscoll said that a freshman should go to the first performance of the year, and try to attend as many performances as they can.

“My number one recommendation is just go to as much as they can get to, and just get a sense of what are the options and the things that you can do at the high school. It’s a chance to go out with your friends. Go out to see a show and then go hang out afterward,” Driscoll said.

Castellano said that the first performance a freshman should go to is Open Mic.

“I think that they should come to Open Mic. Especially if they play a non-traditional band instrument, like let’s say they have a band, play guitar, or even if they’re a digital musician and want to premiere their music in the band room for people to hear,” Castellano said. “I think that’s a great place to come and start getting used to performing, and taking a risk for people to hear your music.”