Returning since the pandemic, Brookline Day moves to Coolidge Corner

Brookline Day returned, after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to support local businesses. On Sunday, Sept. 18, community members engaged with the various vendors, activity stands and performances in Coolidge Corner.

The event offered an opportunity for businesses affiliated with the town, government agencies, sponsors and public officials to directly interact with the community. It featured many attractions such as a Mini Town Hall, a Wellness Stage and a Main Stage for live performances.

State Representative Tommy Vitolo, who hosted a table as part of his constituent service work, said he was initially skeptical about moving Brookline Day from its original location at Larz Anderson Park to Coolidge Corner.

“Brookline Day was the one time a year when people who live in North Brookline without a car could go to Larz Anderson because the town provided busing, and I thought [they] would lose that opportunity,” Vitolo said. “But I think the attendance today has been higher than it’s been in prior years at Larz Anderson, so having it in Coolidge Corner turned out to be a really great idea.”

Acting Chief of Police Jennifer Paster said that this year’s hosting of Brookline Day in Coolidge Corner is really special.

“It’s reinventing Brookline Day here in Coolidge Corner in the heart of the business community,” Paster said. “Hopefully it brings back to life some of the businesses that suffered because of the pandemic.”

Tech Equity Coordinator at Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) John Foley said they were excited to see the town community come out and engage, with neighbors and community members meeting each other.

“We know that [Brookline] Day is an important historic staple of Brookline. We like to go and meet community members where they are, and this is one of the best places to do that,” Foley said. “We love the atmosphere, and it’s the perfect day for it. Everyone seems excited and the community is really positive.”

Paster said she loves being a part of the town’s community and appreciates everything it has to offer. She said Brookline Day is the one day every year where everyone really comes together and it is great to see the town come back alive.

“It’s just so nice to stop and talk to so many people that you don’t get to talk to every day because our lives are just so busy. Today gives people a chance to smile at each other, exchange ideas and remind one another what we have in common,” Paster said. “It is not about one segment of the community, this is a day that is for everybody.”