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All 21 episodes, ranked worst to best

This should not have any big surprises, since my opinions about these episodes have not changed dramatically since the episodes came out. I included a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) for each episode here but, since I wrote an entire review about each of these, feel free to look back at those to find more detailed insights as to why everything is placed where it is.

Episode 9- Paul Rudd (N/A) An unfortunate anticlimax

Episode 2- Kim Kardashian (3) I still don’t kare about Kim K

Episode 20- Selena Gomez (4) What’s there to love?

Episode 6- Jonathan Majors (5) C for effort

Episode 10- Ariana DeBose (6) Seven jokes for seven sketches

Episode 17- Jake Gyllenhaal (6)Snatching “meh” from the jaws of victory

Episode 16- Jerrod Carimichael (6) A self-aware throw-away

Episode 4- Jason Sudeikis (6) Made for long-time fans with love

Episode 12- Willem Dafoe (6) “There’s also no consistency”

Episode 21- Natasha Lyonne (7) Plastic-gilded gold

Episode 3- Rami Malek (7) Consistently funny dumb fun

Episode 14- Oscar Isaac (7) (Hijinks ensue)

Episode 8- Billie Eilish (7) A roller coaster that ended at the top

Episode 5- Kieran Culkin (8) Creative and concise

Episode 7- Simu Liu (8) Well-balanced humors

Episode 1- Owen Wilson (8) Starting off strong with bold choices

Episode 18- Lizzo (8) Positivity twerks wonders

Episode 11- Will Forte (9) An old dog taught new tricks

Episode 13- John Mulaney (9) Somber, sober and solid

Episode 15- Zoë Kravitz (9) Standouts stood out

Episode 19- Benedict Cumberbatch (10) What’s not to love?

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