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Saturday Night Live, Sunday Night or Later: Season finale edition

Perhaps I am a cowardly ranker, but I feel like Season 47 was good. Not phenomenal, not horrific, but good. There were moments I would like to forget, but there were also plenty of stand-out moments that I still remember weeks after the season is over.

The next season will be weird without some of the people that I loved the most on the show, but these detailed reviews I’ve been conducting have made me respect and love the work that goes into getting the organizational nightmare of a live television show written, rehearsed, performed and broadcasted to millions of people across the nation and the world; it makes me willing to forgive the rare slip-ups in that process.

All in all, everything evened out to be good. I am, in retrospect, glad that I stayed up late for 21 Saturdays to watch every episode this season, and I hope that everyone who read this column—from those who watched every episode every week like I did to those who saw some sketches on YouTube of a host they liked—enjoyed watching this season as much as I did.

Alright, that’s our show. You’ve been a great audience and I hope you all have a wonderful summer, patiently waiting for Season 48 to start.

All 21 episodes, ranked worst to best

This should not have any big surprises, since my opinions about these episodes have not changed dramatically since the episodes came out. I included a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) for each episode here but, since I wrote an entire review about each of these, feel free to look back at those to find more detailed insights as to why everything is placed where it is. Episode 9- Paul Rudd (N/A) An...

All 21 cast members, ranked worst to best:

SNL is a show of sketches, but what would those sketches be without the people in them? Through watching every sketch, cold open, “Weekend Update” feature and monologue cameo, I developed extremely professional and infinitely unbiased opinions about each member of the Season 47 cast. Here they are in a convenient, numbered list format, along with a sketch I feel best shows their talents. I wholeheartedly...

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