New BHS Schedule 22-23: Pending Changes


Head of School Anthony Meyer released the 2022-23 schedule on Monday, June 20.

Some of the features of this new schedule include:

  • Consistent 55 minute block times
  • The same start and end times of blocks for 4 out of the 5 days
  • An early dismissal on Wednesdays, for Educator Collaboration Time
  • A built-in schedule for 4-day weeks (9 of them next year) that prevent given blocks from meeting more or less than others
  • 7 minute passing time to navigate our unified BHS Campus
  • The “stacking” of A block at the beginning of the day
  • No split lunch!
  • All blocks, including Z, meet for 220 minutes per week.
  • The 4-day schedule includes a stacked X/T that will be useful for “Days of…” and other grade-level and school-wide programming

“We have not solved every issue with this schedule. We have solved a lot of issues. The schedule workgroup will continue to meet to see how this schedule works in practice over the course of the next school year,” Meyer wrote.