U.S Open golf tournament returns to Brookline



The U.S Open is a big deal. Hosted at The Country Club in South Brookline, the event will attract around 175,00 attendees and top golfers from around the world.

It’s exciting. It’s one of the biggest events in golf. The US Open is coming back to Brookline.

The Brookline Country Club will once again host the US Open this summer, the first since 1988. Over 175,000 attendees are expected over the course of the event. Along with the excitement of holding such a renowned golf tournament, the US Open brings many opportunities to Brookline golf players.

Senior Jacob Gurdin, a member of the boys golf team, said that he is excited because having a major event like this in Brookline is a special occasion.

“It is pretty unique to have a big sporting event like that in your hometown. I think it will be really cool to see a lot of famous people and have this experience,” Gurdin said.

Peter Meagher, coach of the girls junior varsity golf team, said that in 2005, the Country Club had to cancel the PGA Championship, so he was surprised when he found out that the Country Club received an invitation to host the US Open in 2022.

“When they brought it here in 2022 it was a little bit of a shock cause I never thought I’d see another championship at that track again,” Meagher said.

Nicole Bent is a guidance counselor and coach of the girls varsity golf team. She said that it’s thrilling that there are going to be professional golfers in Brookline, including the possibility of Tiger Woods.

“It’s exciting that there are gonna be golf celebrities in town, and there is chatter that Tiger might make it this year, so I am really excited to keep my eyes out and see some golf celebrities,” Bent said.

Students at the high school were given the opportunity to help out at the course during the match. Meagher said that members of the high school’s golf team are going to help out at the event.

“They’re getting the opportunity to go work at the US Open, which is phenomenal if they choose to, and I encourage it because they’ll get to see some history being made. They’ll have the opportunity to maybe even meet a few of the players,” Meagher said.

According to the Brookline Country Club’s Host Agreement with the USGA, the US Open will draw tourists and financially benefit many Brookline businesses. Additionally, the document said that the town receives the ability to sell USGA products with a guaranteed profit of one hundred thousand dollars.

Aside from what the US Open is bringing to Brookline, it also represents a milestone for professional golf. Meagher said that it is the first public golf tournament following the end of the pandemic.

“It’s a great game and the US Open is exciting and you’ve got to think that, post COVID-19, this is gonna be the first public event,” Meagher said.

Bent said that she is very excited for the US Open’s return to the Country Club.

“It’s kind of an incredible thing. I am old enough to have gone to the US Open when it was here in 1988, so it’s cool to see it come back. I also went to the Ryder Cup here in 1999,” Bent said. “The country club is a truly incredible thing that we have in Brookline and it’s nice when it gets showcased on such a grand stage.”