BSC and BEU fail to reach agreement; BEU to strike Monday



Members of the BEU at a protest outside Town Hall on Saturday morning, May 14. The BEU’s most recent statement signals a likely strike on Monday, May 16.

On Sunday morning, May 15, both the Brookline School Committee (BSC) and the Brookline Educators Union (BEU) released statements regarding their current contract negotiations.

According to the BSC’s statement, members of both groups met for a third mediation session beginning on Saturday, May 14 that continued for almost nine hours into Sunday, May 15. At 3:50 a.m. on Sunday morning, the mediator declared that the two sides had reached an impasse, meaning the mediator believes an agreement will not be reached through further negotiations.

The BEU’s statement, titled “School Committee Forces BEU to Strike,” said educators will begin a strike on Monday, May 16.

The BSC statement said the BEU faces a legal roadblock to going on strike.

“On Friday, May 13, the Norfolk County Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction against the BEU, prohibiting them from striking or threatening to strike,” the BSC said in the statement. “The Court stated that if the union were to strike, ‘[s]erious and irreparable harm will occur to the Town, the students and their caretakers, and the public welfare.’”

The BSC statement also outlined their most recent proposals for prep time, diversity and raises. The BEU is not satisfied with these offers, their statement said.

“Brookline educators can no longer tolerate the School Committee’s dismissive attitude toward educators or its willingness to dismantle the quality of our schools,” the BEU said in their statement.

According to a Public Schools of Brookline (PSB) update on Sunday, May 15, all PSB schools will remain closed on Monday, May 16 due to the strike.

Head of School Anthony Meyer said in an email to students that the labor dispute does not indicate a lack of concern for students.

“I hope you remain clear that your teachers and all of our educators care a great deal about you. So do your parents and so do district leaders and School Committee members,” Meyer wrote. “I do not like that this labor dispute impacts your education, and we will be working on various contingency plans as we learn more from district leadership, the BEU, and our parent and community partners.”

This article was edited at 8:20 p.m. on May 15 due to changing information.

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