Latin Club enriches students on Latin culture



The Latin Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday during X-block in room 274.

After school on Thursdays and Tuesdays, if one goes into room 247, they will find a classroom enriched with different aspects of the ancient world.

The Latin club provides a space for students to learn about ancient Latin culture in a creative and enjoyable way.

Club adviser Sarah Cowett said her favorite part about the club are the interactions she has with students

“I really love hanging out with students outside of class and getting to talk about things that aren’t in our curriculum. We get to follow whatever interests people have,” Cowett said.

Cowett’s positive experiences attending a Latin Club in her youth compelled her to provide the same experience for students.

“Latin club was really fun for me and really important for me. It was a big part of my life all the way through high school and college,” Cowett said. “So as soon as I got an opportunity to get involved and provide that sort of experience for my students, I wanted to make sure that they had that opportunity!”

Senior Thomasin Schmults said she joined the club her freshman year to learn more about ancient culture.

“I really like studying ancient cultures and we didn’t really do much of that in actual Latin class, which disappointed me a bit. I wanted to have more of a balance between learning the language and learning more about the culture,” Schmults said.

Senior and club member Charlie Musco said the club’s relaxed atmosphere and low commitment allows a comfortable environment for students to attend whenever they choose to.

Schmults said Cowett finds interesting things for the club to do, while also creating a learning experience for the club members.

“Obviously, we aren’t Latin teachers, so we don’t know a lot about the little details of ancient history. Ms. Cowett always looks for fun things that we can do to learn more, like finding interesting movies and TV shows,” Schmults said.

Before the holiday break, club members hoped to gather students to celebrate Saturnalia, the Latin version of Christmas, by feasting on delicious food, and indulging in exciting activities. Club members posted posters around the school inviting anyone who was interested.

According to Cowett, a common misconception of the Latin Club is that it is only available for students who take Latin to attend. Anyone, however, is welcome to join.

Schmults said both students who take and do not take the Latin course can find the club equally enjoyable.

“We don’t really do much related to the actual language, which is the more difficult part. I think anyone could walk right in and totally understand everything,” Schmults said.