Player Profile: Mariano Suriel

Q What do you personally contribute to the team?

A This year, I’m going to try to get my batting average up and try to get hits. I’m a low-key guy, not the kind of guy to pump up the team, but if we’re losing a game, I know that by getting a hit and moving forward, people will get motivated.

Q Do you think that you’re a competitive person?

A I am. I can’t play a game without having a prize, something to win, because it’s not fun when there’s nothing to get, so I would consider myself competitive. However, I don’t overdo the competitiveness.

Q How has your experience changed over the years with baseball?

A  Well, I used to live in the Dominican Republic, so I played year-round there. It’s more of a tradition to the Dominican people, so it used to be just me playing in the backyard with a ball made out of clothing sewed together and sticks or branches from trees. Then I started to play in Little League, and then I played baseball here so, yes, it has definitely changed. Although baseball has changed in terms of competitiveness and skill, it’s still a great sport, and I love it.

Q Do your parents support you?

A Oh yeah, definitely. My dad used to be a big baseball player in the Dominican Republic, and my whole family likes playing baseball, and it’s really a tradition in my family. They definitely support me.

Q Who is your role model?

A I would have to say my mom and dad are my role models because of their determination. They gave up their lives in the Dominican Republic to move here for me and my two sisters, so I respect their perseverance and goals and view them as my role models.

Q What’s your favorite part about baseball?

A My favorite part about baseball is that you can play it all year round. You can play with a bunch of other guys, and it’s a team sport.

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