Player Profile: Michaela Moscufo

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Q What do you personally contribute to the team?

A I think I have a very strong work ethic. I’m also a pretty positive player. I really like cheering people on and giving encouraging advice. But I definitely think my work ethic and my mentality, pushing myself everyday and trying my hardest.

Q What do you like about lacrosse?

A  I started in fifth grade with a youth lacrosse program. I really enjoy being a part of a team and working for a common goal. I also just love the sport. I also play field hockey, but I like lacrosse better because it’s faster and more fun.

Q  How do you think your team will do this upcoming season?

A  I think the coaches are really talking about getting a new mentality and new kind of work ethic for the team and growing the program. We only had one team last year. That really affects the program. We don’t have the new bodies to continue the legacy. The coaching staff is really working to get a bigger team and maybe even get eighth graders signed up to play for the junior varsity team. I think there’s hope for a more successful season. I don’t think last year was as successful as the teammates or the coaches would have wanted.

Q Do you wish girls’ lacrosse was more like boy’s lacrosse? More physical?

A I think it’s really hard to compare them. They’re like two completely different sports. At times we talk about how we wished we played boys lacrosse so we could hit each other. What I like about girls lacrosse is it’s more about agility and speed instead of how hard you can hit or how many blows you can withstand. I think it makes it more of a graceful sport to watch. But I do enjoy boys lacrosse, too.

Q Are you planning to play lacrosse in college?

A  I played a year with a club team and was starting to think about college and recruiting, but then I realized the process wasn’t really for me. It was kind of overly competitive. That wasn’t really what I enjoyed about lacrosse. I just wanted to play to play. If anything, I think I would maybe play on a club team.

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