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Evan Guttell

12th grade he/him

I think Intersession Day is a very good idea and I like having a break in time after mid-years. I think it was very unfortunate how the day played out. Half the day was left up to students to figure it out and that led the administration to have no responsibility for how the day went. It is really unfortunate that one of the two days we dedicate to learning about racism at BHS to be figured out at the last moment by students and clubs. Even during the scheduled programming, I don’t think it was run very well and it seemed last minute to me. I think the speakers were fantastic, but it was a lot of time just sitting and listening which isn’t very engaging for students. It was also the first block of the day so people didn’t come if they had a free block or skipped. I learned about a couple of organizations but it really didn’t feel like it was worth anyone’s time. If they wanted to do an MLK day they should have spent more time on it and done something to truly honor his legacy instead of just something to make themselves feel good.

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