Intersession Day Club Fair gives students opportunities to make change in community



Clubs, including the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA), gathered at the Intersession Day Club Fair, fitting the day’s theme of “A Call to Action.”

Organized by Student Council, Lisa Francescon, and Dean of Student Support Systems Brian Poon, the high school’s Call to Action Club Fair was held at 1 p.m. and ran for 45 minutes. Approximately 30 clubs were present at the fair, which gave students the opportunity to change their community by getting involved with a community service, social action or affinity club.

President of Student Council and event co-organizer Claire Gallion said she thought the Fair was a success.

“I feel like my dreams are coming true,” she said. “A couple of months ago, Dean Poon came to Student Council and we talked about Intersession Day’s schedule. We suggested doing this Call to Action Club Fair and I really feel like it’s working out. It’s really nice to see these social justice clubs, these clubs really working towards a better future, getting more attention than they would in a normal club fair.”

The club fair provided students with a second chance to visit club booths and sign up for clubs halfway through the school year. (LAURACLEVES/SAGAMORESTAFF)

The event highlighted a diverse set of groups, running a wide gamut. The Black Student Union (BSU), is a national organization and according to senior and co-president Evamena Ekelemu, its Brookline chapter is hard at work.

Ekelemu said the BSU does activist work inside the community and they’re currently collaborating with the library on Black History Month events.

Lily Lockwood, co-president of the Asian Pacific American Club (APAC), said they are also working to create a sense of community.

“Our main goal is to create a safe space for AAPI students, faculty and allies to come, learn about the culture, have fun, eat good food and just be able to have a communal space where you feel safe, or to just hang out,” Lockwood said. “Right now we’re focusing on Lunar New Year which is a big event that APAC puts on every year.”

Alongside organizing celebrations such as Lunar New Year, the students of these clubs are focused on dismantling the inequities present at the high school. Poon said he is proud of his students for spearheading these initiatives.

“The inequities and challenges are massive,” Poon said. “But these students are creating the culture they want.”

Gallion said her aim in organizing the fair was to show students the many opportunities they have to make a change in their communities.

“I really hope that kids can get an opportunity at this club fair to empower themselves and take action rather than sitting and feeling bad, because it’s so easy to do that,” she said. “Having a community around you, having a group that cares about the same thing, is such an empowering experience, and really helps you realize that you have autonomy in the world. You’re not just fighting some monster that you’ll never win against.”