Playlist of the week: moody and groovy



This week’s playlist, “moody and groovy,” is perfect to listen to when you need bass and drums to accompany you for a melancholy night in.

Sometimes the mood is to dance around in the dark, or maybe it’s to belt bratty lyrics into the mirror. Either way, everyone deserves to groove even when they’re in a funk. Check back each week for a new playlist that will be based on a musical element or vibe. This week, all the songs are centered around bass lines that you can feel in your heart. I’ve dubbed this feeling “moody and groovy.” What is bass if not the instrument that gets you to move along to the beat?

Here are some highlights. For this week’s full “moody and groovy” playlist, click here.

“Tonight You Are Mine” – The Technicolors
This song is new for me and also the inspiration for the whole playlist. I heard it a few days ago and it was instantly a favorite. The guitar and bass introduce modern rock elements, yet the falsetto vocals are jazzy. The combination brings a catchy chorus that’s somewhat like Arctic Monkeys.

“There, There” – Radiohead
To achieve such a complex rhythm, all of Radiohead must have been drumming. This is my favorite song by the band, which is saying a lot, considering how extensive and impressive their discography is. Everything reaches its summit in the chorus, allowing for the vocals to rip right through the music.

“Everlong (Acoustic)” – Foo Fighters
This song is classic and acoustic, and a whole new tone is introduced. This rendition brings a different perspective to the lyrics, making it one of love and sadness. The vocals are breathy in all the right ways. It feels real, like he’s really singing in my room. Do not get me started on the guitar.

“Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)” – Palace
This song is the manifestation of calm following a storm. The reverb makes it sound like the song is surrounding me, circling my head. Maybe I’m in the album cover, running through the hills of Ireland, going with the green aesthetic. The instrumental brings up imagery in a way only certain songs can.

“Lose It” – SWMRS
Even though this song doesn’t necessarily sound sad, there is a bittersweet undertone to the lyrics. With lines like, “If all my favorite songs make me think of you I’m gonna lose it,” I can’t help but clutch my heart. Musically, it’s simple. However, the bass isn’t ignored, unlike in most songs with indie elements, and for that I am thankful.