Far Out Ice Cream brings tastes of New Zealand to Brookline



Far Out Ice Cream opened this Nov. on Harvard St. near Coolidge Corner. With simple ice cream bases and a variety of fruit choices, Far Out is a dynamic addition to Brookline’s ice cream store options.

Far Out Ice Cream brings unique New Zealand-style ice cream closer to home. Far Out blends an assortment of fruits with traditional chocolate and vanilla bases. Located near Coolidge Corner on Harvard St., Far Out is a convenient and unique spot for dessert.

Far Out’s website describes their ice cream as “an out of this world combination of fruit and premium ice cream blended together in a special machine from New Zealand.”

Vanilla ice cream with strawberry and mango blended in makes for a perfect balance of flavors. (ANYA RAO/SAGAMORE STAFF)

Visitors can choose from five bases (vanilla, non-dairy vanilla, chocolate, non-dairy chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt) and eight fruits (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango, kookaberry, banana, pineapple and the current flavor of the month: cherry).

So far, I have had the chance to try a few different combinations, some of which I have certainly preferred over others. My favorite has definitely been a vanilla base with mango and strawberry, which despite being a fairly basic order, never disappoints. The ice cream is super light and not very sweet, so mixing sweeter fruits like mango and strawberry balances out the flavors really well. The texture is fairly smooth, with occasional chunks of fruit that give the ice cream a stronger taste.

Chocolate with mango is certainly an odd combination but if you like a chocolate flavor that isn’t very strong, you might enjoy it. (ANYA RAO/SAGAMORE STAFF)

I also tried the non-dairy chocolate base with strawberries mixed in, and I have to say that I personally did not enjoy the chocolate flavor. The strawberries were a nice touch, but as a huge chocolate fan, I was underwhelmed. The base was a bit too watery for my liking and lacked the rich, chocolate flavor I was hoping for.

Feeling adventurous, I tried mixing the chocolate and vanilla bases and adding mango in as well. Though it was worth a try, the chocolate was still not enjoyable, so I ended up trying to scoop it out of the swirl and just have the vanilla. The employee that was assisting me said some people love the chocolate-mango combination, while others hate it. I found myself somewhere in the middle: I wasn’t strongly opposed to it, but I would much rather have vanilla with mango instead.

Far Out’s menu also includes an assortment of beverages including coffees, teas and hot chocolate.

Far Out is reasonably priced, with the “Kiddie” portion being $5, the “Regular” being $6 and the “Large” being $7. A cone costs an additional $1 and toppings like sprinkles, granola or caramel sauce are an additional $0.75. All fruits are added free of charge.

As for the seating area, the space is laid out well, with plenty of tables and chairs scattered around the shop. Warm string lights across the wall create a cozy feel, and free WiFi makes it a good place to get some work done. The minimalist furniture makes for an ideal spot to chat and grab dessert with friends or family.

Patrons dining in-store are required to display proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

All in all, Far Out is definitely worth a try, but I anticipate it might take a few outings to land on the perfect order.