Take a break: write a letter



Writing a letter to someone is a great way to bring happiness into their life as well as yours

Take a break is a weekly column designed to help you take care of yourself. Check in every Friday for a new strategy to reset and refocus that will take no more than 30 minutes.

WEEK TWO: write a letter
Let’s bring back snail mail. It’s a great opportunity to get off your screens and show some love, and it does not take a lot of time! Just think about how happy you would be to receive a letter from someone in your life.

Telling someone that you care about them or that they have made some sort of impact on you can be done over text or snapchat. But a physical letter requires just a little more effort and that makes it just a little more meaningful. Not only will a letter make the recipient feel good, it will also boost your level of happiness.

Don’t be deceived: you don’t have to write your letter to someone who lives far away. It can be anyone (your mom, your friend, your tutor). It might be easier to hand deliver it anyway, to save the trouble of getting to a mailbox.