Best coffee around BHS

Coffee can be a key part of getting through a long, tiring day, but with so many choices it can often be hard to pick where you want to go. We went to coffee places near the high school to test out where you should go for your next pick-me-up drink.

Starbucks – Brookline Village

Starbucks is a classic. You can never really go wrong with it. Whether you want something fruity or a real kick of caffeine, Starbucks has all the variety you could ever want. The one in Brookline Village is always packed, so I would recommend ordering ahead if you are in a rush. There is limited seating available, and with a large number of people usually there, it doesn’t make for a nice place to relax. Starbucks prices are a bit steep but, to be fair, you should know what you are signing up for when you go there. For caffeinated drinks, my go-to is the Sweet Cream Coldbrew or the Iced Chai. Starbucks is always a safe option when it comes to drinks, but it is a little pricey.

Brothers & Sisters – Brookline Village

If you ever want to take pictures in a cute coffee shop, this is the perfect place to go. It is the definition of aesthetic with fairy lights, a cozy atmosphere and nice staff. Though coffee options are fairly limited, with just the classic hot/iced coffee, espresso drinks and cold brew, the quality is pretty good. They also have a bunch of syrups and milk you can add to spice up your drink. As for the price point, things do add up pretty quickly, especially when you add a bunch of stuff in, a medium iced coffee starting at $3.25. Brother & Sisters also has breakfast and lunch sandwiches. I tried the Daniel’s Panini ($9.50) which was really good, but I don’t know if I would opt to pay that much for just one sandwich. Overall, it is a really cute place to go with your friends for breakfast or lunch, but due to the higher price range, I would not recommend going there every day.

Dunkin’ – across the street from OLS

I’ve seen Dunkin’ get a lot of bad rap lately; people are saying their coffee either tastes amazing or like dirty river water. Personally, I don’t face the same problem because I get the same thing every time and it always works out: a medium iced caramel latte with oat milk. The problem with Dunkin’ is that there are limited opportunities to try something new. Although they have a lot of things on the menu, like chai, there aren’t a lot that are actually good. Its redeeming quality is that it’s cheap. Even if your drink does taste like river water, you probably won’t feel that bad because you only spent $4 on it. The one across from OLS always had a giant line, so I would plan your time accordingly if you decide to go there. Dunkin’ is a nice place to go if you know what you want, but I don’t recommend trying new things there.

Tappan Green – BHS restaurant

Located right next to the cafeteria and the new science wing open space on the first floor, the Tappan Green is a great resource if you need a quick pick-me-up during the school day. Although their schedule can be a bit inconsistent and the line can get long, the coffee is decent, especially when accompanied by one of their chocolate chip cookies. The newly-renovated space allows people in line to look into the kitchen and see the chefs preparing the food. This, in addition to seeing your friends and teachers passing by, makes waiting in a long line not as boring as it could be. There are two coffee flavors: hazelnut and vanilla. Their coffee is only $3, so you don’t have much to lose if you decide to try both. Although it wouldn’t be my first choice, I definitely recommend trying the restaurant coffee rather than paying $10 for a small coffee on UberEats.

Cafe Nero – Brookline Village

Cafe Nero is the ideal place to cozy up with a drink and a book or get your schoolwork done. I love studying there while drinking their cold brew. The comfy chairs, bookshelves and warm environment make for a perfect place to study. It is usually not too loud or overcrowded. Their selection is the perfect size, as it is not overwhelming and there is something for everyone. Also, if you choose to sit inside with a warm drink, they prepare it in a large mug, adding to the cozy aesthetic. I also love getting their macaroons or their blueberry muffin. The prices are on the higher side, but I definitely think that the quality and environment make up for it.