Taj’s Tiers: Months of the Year

January: Kick it Out of My Calendar
January starts off on such a great note with the new year full of resolutions and excitement. Its problem is that the only good thing about it is the first day. It then proceeds to crush that excitement as you are met with some of the most brutal winter weather for 31 days straight, realizing that summer is still half a year away.

February: Waiting for Next Month
February is stuck in between the worst two months of the year, so by comparison it’s only slightly better. Its shining moment is February break: a week to escape the brutal New England weather and the intensity of school. Unfortunately, that one week can’t redeem the other three. For the rest of the month I am left waiting for winter to end as soon as possible.

March: Kick it Out of my Calendar
“In like a lion and out like a lamb” is how the saying goes. I would argue that March is a lion for the entire month. At this point in the year, most people are sick and tired of the winter, but March decides to hold on as long as possible. March is the transition period from winter to spring, and it provides nothing special. Nothing happens in March besides the longest amount of consecutive school days uninterrupted, which clearly is not a redeeming quality.

April: So Close Yet So Far
April is a true breath of fresh air, literally and metaphorically. It holds April break, marks the beginning of the end of school, and the transition back into warm-weather happiness. My favorite part of April is the one day that it is 70 degrees outside and reminds everyone that summer is rapidly approaching.

May: Waiting for Next Month
May’s entire existence is just preparing for summertime. It’s warm but not August warm. School is approaching the end but things are still pretty intense. In my mind, the first half of May meshes with April, and the second half meshes with June. May itself doesn’t really have a personality.

June: I Wish This Month Lasted a Whole Year
How could anybody not like June? You’ve made it! The start of summer, the end of school. The sun doesn’t set until 7 pm. It is warm enough to wear shorts again. June is home to the first beach days and last homework assignments. There is so much hope for the upcoming summer, and the feelings of relief and happiness that June evokes are unbeatable.

July: So Close Yet So Far
I wish I could say that I was a July guy. Unfortunately, I have always found it to be the weakest of the summer months. It is home to some pretty sick fireworks on the Fourth of July and some of the best beach days of the year. Still, it just feels like nothing is happening. This may be appealing to some, but not to me. The last thing I want one of my summer months to be is unexciting, but that is exactly what July is.

August: I Wish This Month Lasted a Whole Year
August is my favorite month of the year. It has the warmest days, the best sunsets, and the watermelon always slaps in August. Plus, at the end of August, everybody returns from their summer vacation and you get to reunite with all of your friends. August really makes you appreciate the final days of summer, but also has a tinge of excitement for what is to come.

September: 30 Days of Happiness
I personally love September. I know the first thing that comes to mind is school starting which does hurt, but for the first half of September school isn’t even really school. It’s like the end of June but in reverse. The weather is still just like summer, and you finally reconnect with people you haven’t seen for months.

October: So Close Yet So Far
October is really when it hits you that things are about to get serious. The honeymoon phase of school is over, and the days quickly become shorter. By the end of October, all the warm weather from summer is gone, and the road to winter lies ahead. Halloween is nice, but October is just nowhere near the level of the months that come before it.

November: 30 Days of Happiness
Disclaimer: My birthday is in November, so this opinion is definitely subject to some personal bias. To me, November is peak fall time. The leaves are at their most vibrant colors, the air is crisp and it just feels like fall. November also includes Thanksgiving (the second-best holiday) and the short break that comes with it. By the end of November, however, the world has officially entered winter, which definitely puts a damper on the month.

December: 30 Days of Happiness
Despite being the winter, December has some serious highlights. The vibes of the holiday season are just unmatched and the anticipation of the upcoming winter break. However, it’s just too cold to be considered a top-tier month.