Take a break: go for a walk



The hill behind the high school is a great place to wander around during a free block or lunch period

Take a break is a weekly column designed to help you take care of yourself. Check in every Friday for a new strategy to reset and refocus that will take no more than 30 minutes.

WEEK ONE: go for a walk
Have a free block during the day? Want to do something different during your lunch period? Take a walk outdoors for however much time you have.

I recommend one of two strategies:
1. You can walk in a random direction for 10 minutes and then retrace your steps to make sure you get back in time for your next class.
2. If you have some more time, maybe a free period, let yourself wander wherever, get lost and then challenge yourself to find your way back via a different route.

Bring a friend to go with you if you feel like talking about your day or just like having someone with you. Either way, try not to go on your phone. If you let yourself focus only on the walk and what is around you, being completely in the moment, you will see beneficial results from your time spent outside. But if you multi-task by scrolling through Instagram or trying to cram for your quiz, the walk will lose its value.

Focusing solely on walking can make you feel happier and more energetic, plus it can increase your attention span during the rest of the day. The hill behind the school is a great place to wander around, since the streets are pretty quiet and there are several walking paths that can help you take a shortcut if you’re running late. Challenge yourself to not only move your body but also to rid yourself of any extra distractions, like your phone (yes, that includes using a map: you can figure it out!)