January Horoscope

Design by Elsie McKendry

Aries: Now is the time for new beginnings! You are a confident, independent person, and you tend to make good first impressions on people. Use this quality to your advantage when pursuing new opportunities. However, your pride can often get the best of you. Be confident, not arrogant.

Taurus: Because Venus is in retrograde, now is not the best time for you to start a new relationship. Try devoting yourself to things you’re truly passionate about, like New Year’s resolutions that help you work towards long-term goals! However, make sure you’re keeping your goals practical and realistic. Don’t put too many expectations on yourself so early in the year!

Gemini: Now is the time for you to start putting more energy towards things you’re truly interested in, not just things you feel obligated to do. You might have a decision coming up that you’re feeling anxious and unsure about, so be sure to trust your gut and make sure you make a choice that makes you happy—not just other people.

Cancer: With the start of the new year, you may find yourself still stuck in the past emotionally. You have very good instincts and social awareness, so trust yourself! Try sorting your problems into two piles: those that can be solved, and those that you need to let go of. I know forgiveness isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s the best option.

Leo: You strongly believe in the phrase, “New year, new me!” While it can be good to work on self-improvement, try not to let your reinvention get in the way of your relationships with others. Yes, it’s good to try to be more pragmatic, but make sure you’re not disregarding the feelings of those around you.

Virgo: You’re someone who tends to be very modest and careful, and Mercury’s placement in Aquarius may heighten these instincts this month. If you feel yourself getting too anxious or just want some help being a little less sensible, try turning to a friend with strong Sagittarius or Aries placements. They will be more than happy to add some spontaneity to your life!

Libra: You may be going through some changes relating to your family life at the moment. I know your first instinct is often to play the mediator, but try to take a step back and figure out what is truly the best for you in this situation. Now may be the perfect time to voice some long-standing issues you’ve kept bottled up, especially ones relating to family members.

Scorpio: As someone who tends to be more reserved and cautious, now is a good time for spontaneity. Is there a new hobby you’ve been interested in or a new club you’ve been wanting to join? If so, take the time to pursue this interest in the upcoming months. And if not, ask your friends what they think you’d be interested in! You’d be surprised at how well they know you.

Sagittarius: You are someone who tends to be very charming and personable—two excellent qualities. Your top-notch people skills may just help you with a new academic venture in the upcoming months. Try to accept help from others when you need it—especially when it comes to major decisions because you tend to be a bit impulsive when you’re excited.

Capricorn: As a Capricorn, you might find you have an easier time with New Year’s resolutions than others, seeing as you rule the sky this time of year. You have always been good at focusing on self-improvement, and now is the perfect time to put that skill into action! Focus on building new habits for yourself this month, and with your natural self-discipline, you will most likely keep these habits throughout the year!

Aquarius: You are someone who always follows through, so keeping your New Year’s resolutions may be easier for you than it is for others. However, you tend to disregard emotions when it comes to setting goals. This year, try to not only focus on tangible growth but also on emotional growth and maturity.

Pisces: When it comes to those you care about, you tend to be a very selfless person. While your humility is an admirable trait, it can also be your fatal flaw. As an artistic person and a dreamer, try making a vision board for 2022 that focuses on goals that will make you truly happy to achieve.