Taj’s Tiers: Holiday Movie Edition

A Christmas Story: Checking It Off My List
The famous title makes it almost impossible to avoid watching this movie at least once. It is very possible, however, to never watch it again. This is exactly what I have done. It contains little to no plot and had a small annoying tiny child narrating his sad life. Additionally, the dad is one of the worst characters to ever grace the movie screen.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Background Content
With a 30 minute run time, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is not qualified enough to be higher on this list. The “movie” has a heartwarming message and an amazing soundtrack. Unfortunately, by the time I’ve settled down with hot chocolate and a blanket, the movie is already over.

Daddy’s Home 2: Background Content
This movie is not good enough to pay much attention to. The plot is completely possible without the holiday setting and could occur during any other season when a family might reunite. In any case, the first one is funnier.

Die Hard: Watching Any Time of the Year
The fact that this movie is debated as a Christmas movie is a global issue. This movie is not only a Christmas movie, but is a great one at that. Its story never fails to thrill me despite my countless viewings. There is something memorable in every scene, and it is fully rounded as a movie from characters to plot. The Christmas setting is just the cherry on top.

Elf: Watching Any Time of the Year
This is the peak holiday movie. It has the humor, emotion and spirit any good holiday movie needs. Will Ferrell delivers one of the greatest modern-day performances as an adult human under the impression that he is an elf. Its messages about family and love are positively moving, and to this day I still put syrup on my spaghetti.

Home Alone: Holiday Favorite
This movie has been one of my favorites since I first saw it as a child; it lives out my childhood fantasies of living home alone and fending off home intruders. Kevin McCallister displays some of the highest intellectual abilities an eight-year-old can possess and creates booby traps that still impress me to this day. At its core, it also has a heartwarming message about unconditional love and the importance of being with family.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey Version): ‘Tis Not The Season
I feel that, of all the versions of the Grinch, this one is the most notorious. It absolutely deserves to be hated on. In one of the most horrendous live-action interpretations of an animated film of all time, Jim Carey and company prove that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. One of these things is a grown man running around with a weird voice in a fuzzy green fat suit—it’s just not meant to be. To be honest, the picture book is better than this movie.

Love Actually: Watching Any Time of the Year
If any movie were to capture the holiday spirit it would be this one. This movie contains one of the greatest opening scenes of all time. The further into the movie you watch the more invested you get into each storyline until they all merge together and you as a viewer are left more than satisfied. Even when it isn’t the holiday season, this movie conveys messages about love and miracles throughout the year.

The Polar Express: Holiday Favorite
This movie has the greatest holiday soundtrack of all time, and has birthed some of the great memes of the 21st century. It is simple but effective in its message, and when Christmas time rolls around I never fail to watch it.

The Year Without Santa Clause: Holiday Favorite
I’ll admit that this movie is slightly weird, which is why it isn’t top tier, but it is still near and dear to my heart. Every year I sit down with my grandparents and watch this movie on Christmas Day. It may have old-fashioned animation and audio, but its messages about belief and empowering women are as sound as ever. Also, I have to say, “The Heat Miser Song” is awesome.