“Red (Taylor’s Version)” revives love for a classic album


Do you remember it “All Too Well” when Taylor Swift dropped “Red” in 2012?

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” was released on Nov. 12, 2021. Swift is rerecording all of her albums that were made before “Lover” in 2019 because she does not own them. In 2019, Swift’s masters were sold by Scooter Braun without her knowledge. If someone streams the old versions of Swift’s songs, Braun profits. Swift announced in 2019 that she planned to rerecord all of her old albums. In 2021, she released “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

The 10-minute version of “All Too Well” is, by far, the most outstanding track on the album. At 10 minutes and 13 seconds long, “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)” is full of heart-wrenching lines. The song opens with soft guitar strums before Swift begins to sing, “I walked through the door with you, the air was cold.” Swift recalls a relationship in which her partner, over time, does not treat her as well as they used to. A lyric that stands out as representative of this relationship is, “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.”

The imagery, rhyming and emotion of present-day Swift singing lyrics that a much younger version of her wrote makes the song an instant favorite. The subsequent release of “All Too Well: The Short Film” only makes this track even more heartbreaking.

Another aspect of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” that contributes to its strength is Swift’s inclusion of “Vault” songs, or tracks written while creating the album that were not included on the original version.

Many of these vault tracks are reminiscent of Swift’s country past, one track even including a feature from prominent country artist Chris Stapleton. This track, “I Bet You Think About Me,” is about a past relationship Swift had with someone who never took her seriously.

This song, especially the outro, is reminiscent of a country younger sister to Swift’s hit track “Blank Space.” In the outro, Swift sings, “Oh my god, she’s insane, she wrote a song about me.” Not only is this line playing into the public’s perception of Swift as a “boy-crazy” drama queen, but it also highlights how the subject of this song invalidated her feelings. Swift released a surprise music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” that made fun of the media’s perception of her.

One of the most highly-anticipated vault tracks was “Nothing New,” which features indie artist Phoebe Bridgers. Bridgers has gained lots of fame after the release of her 2020 sophomore album “Punisher,” and recently finished touring for the album. Known for her melancholy and morbid songs, many fans were excited to see what Bridgers would bring to this track and definitely weren’t disappointed.

“Nothing New” is a heart-wrenching song about the fear of losing your charm as you grow older. Swift worries that, as she grows older, interest in her will die down. She’s no longer some new, shiny toy that captures the interest of the public eye. Knowing that she wrote this album when she was dating someone much older than her makes this song even more painful to listen to. Bridgers and Swift’s voices blend together perfectly, especially as they trade-off lines during the bridge. This song perfectly captures the melancholy nostalgia of realizing that you’re growing older.

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” is the album for fall. With lyrics like, “Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,” the songs are perfect to listen to while going for a walk and seeing the light filter through the red leaves. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” does a great job of reviving nostalgia from the original album, while also adding a new spin on songs fans already know and love. From the sad, reflective “I Almost Do,” to the upbeat, poppy “Message In A Bottle,” there’s a song for everyone and every mood.