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Roy Dow

Roy Dow

Roy Dow is a new teacher at the high school and teaches history and special education. Dow is grateful for his colleagues, as they have been welcoming and supportive while starting his new job. Aside from preparing to teach at the high school, he spent much of his summer with his family in New Jersey.

What is something unique or special about your role, either as a history or special education teacher?

I think it’s a unique role because it’s combining a couple of different roles, looking at the history side of it but also the special ed side. Adapting, making sure things are accessible for everybody and working with a wide wide range of teachers and students are pretty unique parts of what I do.

Is there anything unique about the high school that has stood out while you’ve been here?

All my colleagues that I’ve met with and worked with so far have been super supportive and offer help, answer questions, and are proactive in making sure I’m settling in and have what I need to be successful. It can be a little overwhelming starting a new job.

What are some high school memories you have?

I was a member of the soccer team and was involved in the arts a little bit, and am in touch with those people. It was really an exciting time and it helped me find my voice and explore some new interests that, before high school, I didn’t have or didn’t know I had.

What are some hobbies or interests of yours?

I really enjoy traveling, and I’ve traveled extensively all over the U.S and a little bit in South America. I like to cook for my wife and I’m also a big soccer fan. I’ve coached soccer since I got out of college, so probably longer than I have been teaching.

What did you do this summer?

This summer I was doing a lot of getting ready to come over [to Brookline] and work. I have a lot of friends who teach both at the high school and in the district, so I was talking to them a lot. I have family in New Jersey, so I spent time in New Jersey hanging out with them.

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