Kamini Bhadauria evokes a feeling of mystery through photography



Senior Kamini Bhadauria’s friends feel that there is a deeper meaning behind each one of her photographs

Black and white, crisp, detailed, interesting, powerful and sophisticated. But above all else, mysterious. These are all words that have been used to describe senior Kamini Bhadauria’s unique photography.

Bhadauria is experienced in photography. She has taken semester-long courses three of her high school years. This year, she is expanding her artistic expression into documentary filmmaking and videography.

A lot of Bhadauria’s images are black and white. According to Bhadauria’s close friend, senior Hannah Smolyar, this evokes a feeling of mystery.

“There’s always something more than what it is. It’s never just a picture. It’s a picture, but you can feel more coming from it,” Smolyar said.

Bhadauria prefers close-up shots to full-body shots. However, these close-up photos of people were not always easy for her to take.

“I started out being very scared to photograph people,” Bhadauria said.

Senior Suzanne Collins, another close friend of Bhadauria, said that the close-ups allow the viewer to notice details of the subject that would be overlooked with wide shots.

Collins said that these details are her favorite part of Bhadauria’s photographs.

“The most simple thing you can think of, for example, a dress or skirt, there’s a story behind it that I don’t know of. It makes the viewer of the photo curious, and they would want to know more,” Collins said.

Bhadauria’s photographs are often black and white (CONTRIBUTED BY KAMINI BHADAURIA)

Smolyar said that Bhadauria’s photos were never just photographs.

“There’s always something more than what it is. It’s never just a picture; you can feel more coming from it,” Smolyar said.

Smolyar also said that Bhadauria’s photographs have improved over the years, and the newer ones are more thought-provoking.

“I think the ones now have more of a story to them; they’re just really interesting,” Smolyar said.

Overall, Bhadauria’s photography allows her to show others how she views life.

“My favorite thing about photography is that it helps me use my voice without using my voice because I can show people the world through my eyes and what I see,” Bhadauria said.