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Devon Oberle

Devon Oberle is a passionate math teacher at Winthrop, an off-campus program for students with social or emotional issues at the high school. Before working at Winthrop, Oberle was a middle school math teacher for five years. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, reading and cooking with friends.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
I really love working with students. I’ve been wanting to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten, but I know that this is not the case for everybody. I like being around students and trying to figure out a way to help kids learn, especially if they don’t initially get it.

What are some main aspects of your new job?
I’m a teacher at Winthrop House, which is one of the programs associated with the high school, but we’re at a different campus. Basically, we’re a special therapeutic program for kids with emotional disabilities, so our classes are a lot smaller. I teach math in this setting.

How did you get into teaching originally?
I’ve taught at a middle school for five years and have wanted to teach in high school for a while. When I started in middle school, I found it extremely rewarding. I really liked the teamwork that was happening and all of the support for students, and I’ve been looking for a high school environment that has the things that I like about middle school, so I feel like this is a nice combination of high school aged students with all of the support that I really liked.

How did you spend your summer?
I did a lot of traveling. With the pandemic, I feel that I haven’t seen a lot of my friends in a long time because they live in different cities. I also went camping in Acadia, and I went to North Dakota. Overall, I was gone a lot and am happy to be getting into a routine.

How do you relax during the school year?
I really like yoga, so I’m trying to get into a routine with that. I used to go fairly frequently but then stopped with COVID-19. However, I’m trying to do more yoga at home. I also just found out about yoga in the park near me, so I’ve been going to that.

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