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As distribution for the COVID-19 vaccine increases and more individuals are eligible to receive it, everyone has a differing personal experience. In Brookline, many people shared their experiences during and after the vaccine.

Personal experiences contracting COVID-19 and receiving the vaccine

For most people, despite the fear of contracting COVID-19, the idea of actually getting the virus can be distant. Even if a person close to them gets COVID-19, it can be difficult to fully understand the impact COVID-19 has on someone. Those who were interviewed who contracted the virus said they wanted to share their experiences and reduce the stigma around having COVID-19. Several aspects of the virus however, such as the long-term health effects, will likely stay mysterious until more time passes. Many people both in the global community and high school community have already begun to experience some long-term effects in different forms and intensities.

Scott Barkett (he/him)
Ann Collins (she/her)
Kathleen Bernier (she/her)
Keya Waikar (she/her)
Jennifer Jaruse (she/her)

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