Chris Brook offers his experiences as a Black filmmaker and passion for high school students



On Jan. 11, Ashley Hunter interviewed freelance videographer Chris Brook via Zoom to discuss his experiences, challenges and highlights of being a Black videographer and content creator.

In honor of Black History Month, host Ashley Hunter interviewed freelance videographer Chris Brook via Zoom on Jan. 11 for her Black History Month series, which was shared with all high school students over YouTube. Brook spoke about his experience as a Black filmmaker and content creator.

Brook went to school in Florida before coming to Boston his freshman year of college to take a videography class. Since then, Brook has discovered his passion for videography. Now, Brook makes sure to carry a camera around at all times so he can capture events that are not planned or staged.

“I like to call myself a guerrilla-style filmmaker, meaning that I catch unforeseen shots and piece them together,” Brook said.

Brook said learning about Black history and experience is vital and when you share your story through film, it can be easier for viewers to understand the perspectives of Black people.

“Learning about our own history has made it possible to retrain yourself on self-acceptance out of the habits we were taught as kids,” Brook said.

Additionally, the two spoke on how this new age of technology has changed the experiences of Black people in terms of reinventing their culture. Hunter said that social media has helped push a “Black Renaissance.”

Brook has many different personal interests. He has dabbled in music production, short film, YouTube, vlogging, movies and even sports. As of right now, he is most focused on his YouTube channel vlog series, “Man of Real,” which is inspired by his love for the Superman film, “Man of Steel.”

Brook took his first video editing class in college. After graduation, he explored his creativity in many different ways before returning to his original passion for film and video 10 years later.

Brook said it is important to stay true to yourself no matter what obstacles come your way, especially during your high school years.

“Do what feels right to you and always stick to your gut,” Brook said.