Player Profile: Talia Lepson

Q Is your team close?

A We’re pretty close. Spending tons of time together everyday at practice brings us together in a way that just being in classes with people doesn’t. It allows us the time to get to know each other as athletes and as people, and that’s really helpful. Come competition time, we know exactly how to support each other and what to say.

Q How did you get involved in gymnastics?

A I’ve been competing in gymnastics ever since I was about five years old. I used to compete for a club team, but the hours eventually became too much. By the time I was about 13 years old, I was working out 20 hours a week, which is a little ridiculous. I decided to take a break from gymnastics for a while. Once I got to high school, I tried out for the team again, and I made it.

Q What would change if you didn’t have gymnastics in your life?

A I don’t think I would be as well rounded as a student, and I don’t think I would be as well-rounded of a person if I was not a gymnast. I think gymnastics has taught me a lot of really important life lessons, and I have no idea how to comprehend what my life would be like if I hadn’t learned those lessons from a really young age.

Q How has gymnastics impacted your family life?

A My family definitely shows up to my meets. My mom, dad and brother have supported me all the way throughout my gymnastics career. It has taken a toll, I guess in terms of being able to spend time with my family. But now that I’m competing in a much more relaxing environment, I find that I can really strike a balance between family life, my social life and school life.

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