Dylan Krakowsky uses makeup as an outlet for creative self-expression


Contributed by Dylan Krakowsky

Krakowsky experiments with surrealist makeup designs to create a gaunt and unsettling look.

Radiating positivity through his bubbly personality and magnetic energy, sophomore Dylan Krakowsky instantly creates an optimistic environment for all.

Makeup has always been a big part of Krakowsky’s life. It serves not only as a coping mechanism, but also as a creative outlet for expression.

“Makeup is a way of converting emotions and very raw feelings into a more manageable form of existence. It’s also a way of-self expression, kind of letting your mind run free to do whatever it wants,” Krakowsky said.

Krakowsky started off with society’s norm of “pretty makeup,” such as bright-colored eyeshadows and cut-crease designs. However, he ended up getting bored of that style fairly quickly.

“I started turning to more out-of-the-box ideas regarding my makeup. I also think it’s a really good way of connecting with the queer community because it’s something that is so visibly queer and antipatriarchal,” Krakowsky said.

Krakowsky said his makeup is surrealist, distorting the parts that people would consider “normal” on a face.

Contributed by Dylan Krakowsky

“I really like making myself look really gaunt and trying to make it unsettling. I learned to make myself just barely look human enough to be recognizable,” Krakowsky said.

Krakowsky said that by wearing makeup, he often gets a lot of unsolicited comments and learns to manage situations dealing with toxic masculinity.

“Just walking down the street, I usually get a lot of stares. I think that’s the hardest part, navigating socially,” Krakowsky said. “I don’t feel safe in a lot of places. But then again, I would rather feel unsafe and still feel like myself then look and act like someone else, but feel safe.”
Sophomore Jacquovia Higgs, one of Krakowsky’s closest friends since kindergarten, said that Krakowsky’s strength and willingness to create speaks volumes.

“There’s nothing he can’t do and everytime they want to put their mind to do something, it seems like it comes naturally to them. He’s also very caring and just a really fun person to be around and that’s what makes his art so great,” Higgs said.

According to Higgs, Krakowsky never backs down from a challenge, especially when it comes to his makeup looks.

“He’ll see a picture and try it out, and whenever he does, it’s always really cool,” Higgs said. “A lot of people might just stop when they mess up, but Dylan always pushes through and gets to that end goal.”

Contributed by Dylan Krakowsky

Louisa Braunstein, a college student at the University of New Hampshire and Krakowsky’s long-time friend, said that Krakowky’s greatest ability is to draw people to him.

“He is just this glowing aura of ‘I’m a good person, come be friends with me. I will be your best friend and I will take care of you,’” Braunstein said.

Braunstein also said that Krakowsky has come far over the past six years that they have known each other.

“Dylan has learned and understood so much, and it has made him such a more solid person,” Braunstien said. “Dylan is generally a great person and a great friend. I’ve taught him things, and he’s definitely taught me things. I’m very glad to have met him.”